How to Increase Traffic on Your WordPress Website

Do you monitor your website traffic now and then?

If you do, then did you notice those numbers fluctuating?

Well, if you did, then know this – you are not alone.

A lot of website owners experience traffic fluctuation and fail to pinpoint the root cause. However, there are some fundamental reasons why a website’s traffic fluctuates.

Let’s take a look at them below.

  • Some of your website pages fail to index in the search engine
  • Lack of generic bot filter on your website
  • Page updates or website overhaul tends to impact organic website traffic

So, the question is – how to get that lost traffic back on your website?

While there are many ways to increase website traffic, you need apt methods that help you stabilize the traffic.

In case you own a WordPress website, then one of the pressing questions you may have is – “How to get more views on WordPress website?”.

Worry not, we’ve got you covered.

Below we’ve listed nine ways to help you increase website traffic effectively. Let’s check them out!

9 Easy Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Here’s a list of nine ways to increase traffic on your WordPress website that assures positive results.

#1: Educate Your Readers With Quality Content

What’s the first thing a reader notices in your blog?

The content.

The content you publish on your website determines whether your website is worth the visit or not.

However, building quality content requires a lot of input and contemplation from both a marketing and branding perspective. Your content should:

  • Build a sense of urgency among people to take action
  • Attract the right audience to the website
  • Create the need to be shared among others

To build such content, you need to make sure that you have access to insights or metrics such as:

  • Which content piece is garnering more traffic on the website
  • By what time do people usually scroll through your website
  • Which content piece is performing poorly on the website (in this case make sure improvements are made)
  • Are you getting traffic on the website once your content pieces are shared via social platforms

In short, you need to make sure that you check website traffic on the WordPress website regularly.

Understand this; nothing can replace quality content on a website. Design for once may create a sense of eagerness among your WordPress website visitors to browse through. But until and unless the content is not convincing enough, the chances are slim that you may get increased conversions either.

Pro Tip: Take time to learn insights into producing great content and implement it diligently. Ensure you are putting something new on the table and educating your readers, not solely focusing on marketing your product or service. This increases reader loyalty and, in turn, increases website traffic. 

#2: Optimize Existing Content for SERPs

Rankings are as important as adding quality content to your website.

If your website fails to rank in the top 10 results of the SERPs, chances are people might not reach your website at all.

This is why brands have started working on content marketing and other strategies to help their business become more visible online than it uses to be a few years back.

Besides working on improving, meta title, description, tags, adding relevant target keywords, and implementing the all-device friendly theme on the website, you can also try:

  • Adding banners between your content to prompt people into taking an action
  • Interlinking your new content pieces with older ones
  • Improving existing content to match the current content marketing strategies
  • Adding content with a “tweet this” link

And, much more.

Pro Tip: Try implementing one strategy at a time. Plus, there is no harm in making use of plugins like Yoast that help you further optimize your website to improve the website reach quickly.

#3: Leverage Social Media to Improve Reach

Make your content shareable on social media using plugins. 

There are various free and paid options available for WordPress. The idea is to provide relevant content with a specific call to action without spamming the readers.

Pro Tip: You can either use separate plugins for each platform such as jQuery for FaceBook, Ditty for Twitter and Automatic Pin for Pinterest or an all in one plugin such as JetPack or Simple Social Inbox. 

#4: Use LSI Keywords in Your Content

We all know how important keywords are in content – especially when it comes to increasing your rankings. 

So, instead of using only targeted keywords, it is essential to research keywords using SEO tools and ensure you include LSI keywords as well.

LSI keywords are words that are related indirectly to your content, topic, or webpage.

Why target indirect keywords?

Well, Google’s Hummingbird algorithm changed the face of how websites and web pages ranked on their search engine. Not only did they understand and pin keywords, but the algorithm also started understanding topics too. 

For this reason, searching and adding LSI keywords is essential in increasing your website ranking, and in the long haul increase website traffic.

Pro Tip: Use LSI Graph to do your research and target relevant LSI keywords in your content.

#5. Implement an Email Marketing Strategy

Did you know that there are 3.9 billion email users in the world?

That’s a huge number, isn’t it?

Now, imagine contacting them directly to land them on your website. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

That’s precisely what happens in email marketing.

You send emails to your target audience and get them to come to your website. Yes, it’s that easy! And, this is one tip that is a gold-mine when it comes to website traffic.

Pro Tip: Don’t make your email marketing templates too “sales-oriented”. Keep it simple, engaging, and informative. 

#6:  Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube recently surpassed Facebook and is now the second most popular website in the world, with the first being Google.

So, if you’re looking to increase website traffic, then creating a YouTube channel needs to be a top priority.

Your audience will remember informative, engaging videos far more than engaging content. 

Pro Tip: Research on YouTube SEO strategies and add keyword-rich descriptions to gain visibility on search engines. Along with that, always post videos that educate your audience, don’t post videos without quality content. 

#7: Add Live Chat To WordPress Website

Another way to increase traffic is to add live chat to WordPress.

In spite of the exhaustive content on your website, the user may want to clear some doubts. 

And, what’s the best solution to this?

Live chat.

It provides immediate and better response than an email query or a call center. 

Did you know that 92 percent of the users find live chat feature more satisfactory than voice support, email, or social media? 

With ProProfs live chat WordPress plugin you can respond to customer queries instantly.

It comes with customization options and additional features such as detailed reporting and routing queries to the right department. 

Pro Tip: Add live chat to WordPress to ensure your customers spend more time on your website and leave more satisfied than ever.

#8:  Retarget Your Visitors Using Facebook Ads

Targeting your website visitors via Facebook ads is easy.

And expensive.

But, there is an alternative to creating new ads every time you need to target audiences.

What’s the alternative?


You get insights like who visits your website over the past years, even social media insights. Instead of targeting a new audience or creating new Facebook Ads and burning a hole in your pocket, the best strategy is to retarget your Facebook Ads to audiences who visited your website or social account. 

Pro Tip: Create a Facebook Ad that redirects your audience to a blog post. Then, set your target audience to people who visited your website over the past 3-4 months. Run the ad and see the hike in website traffic!

#9. Create Accurate PPC Ads

A WordStream study revealed that around 64.6% of customers are bound to click on Google Ads, especially when they are shopping online. 

Now, imagine the increase in website traffic if you targeted audience using a Google Ad?

Not only are the results evident (increase in leads, customers, and website traffic), but they are almost instant. 

So, creating accurate and strategic PPC ads is a great way to increase traffic on your WordPress website. 

Pro Tip: Be strategic in creating the perfect PPC ad for your website and ensure you optimize its content too. 

Successful Ways to Increase Website Traffic on Your WordPress Website

Besides these strategies, you can also opt for various WordPress plugins that help you attract more traffic on the website. You don’t have to be an expert to use many of them. However, make sure to select the right seo plugins based on your needs and budget to integrate it with your WordPress website. Check website traffic at frequent intervals to see how the tool is making an impact on your traffic.

WordPress keeps evolving in terms of functionalities, and its community is always sharing some great tools for users. Make smart use of these resources and witness the steep increase in traffic to your website. 

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