How to Fix Up White Text and Missing Buttons in WordPress Editor

Ever since the WordPress CMS has come into existence, it had been seen to helping thousands of users in sharing their stores across the globe. All of the credits goes to WordPress as the users can easily write quality content and utilize the visual editor to make it look and feel attractive that too from by providing the comfort of their homes and offices.

Hence, at times when the users try to log into their WordPress dashboard, to begin with writing a post, they may witness multiple important buttons are missing from their visual editor panel. Moreover, if you try to type anything, you will not be able to see the text because of its color which has changed to white. Many users panic seeing this, but this is a very common issue and should be handled immediately to keep things under control.

If you want to enjoy a smooth and error-free writing experience on a daily bases, then it is very important that you fix this white text and missing buttons error as soon as you figure it out. When this white text and missing buttons error is reported, the users are also not able to switch from the visual part to the HTML part. Here, we will show you some quick steps on how to fix the white text and missing buttons error in your WordPress visual editor.

How to deal with it?

Being a WordPress user, it can be troublesome to figure out this white text and missing buttons issue especially when you are writing in your visual editor. This can lead to the disengagement of the users. To resolve this, you need to have knowledge about some web development techniques which can be a lifesaver in such situations.

  • Clear up your Cache

    Your browser cache plays a very crucial role for a better WordPress visual editor experience as it helps to solve a number of issues. Upon your searching, we find that users are suggesting that clearing up the browser cache did work for them. It is estimated that you face this WordPress error when your browser gathers a lot of caches. So, begin by deleting all of your browser caches or you can also go up for another browser to work with your WordPress visual editor for smoother writing experience.

  • Try to Replace your TinyMCE Scripts

    The TinyMCE lets you add, remove and arrange the buttons which are present in the Visual Editor toolbar. If you have been updating your TinyMCE then there are possible chances of facing this problem. If this is a case with your WordPress visual editor as well then you should try to replace your /wp-includes/js/tinymce folder with a new and fresh copy.

    This might happen because your TinyMCE files may become corrupted during a WordPress upgrade and if you have experienced this issue after upgrading it then you can also download a fresh copy of WordPress and replace it on your server.

  • Fix it out with the help of wp-config

    If you are still unable to fix white text and missing buttons in WordPress Visual Editor problem using the above methods, then you go for this one. Just open your wp-config.php file and add the below-given line at the very top after the opening tag of PHP.

    define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false);

    This command line is used to get the WordPress configuration of your browser which will further help to fix up the issue for better performance.

  • Updating WordPress on a Regular Basis

    Working on the same old version of WordPress can sometimes lead to the white text and missing buttons error. This can be resolved by updating it with a fresh new copy of WordPress. But, when you are updating to a new version, it does a one time test of your server environment to check if it supports wrapping by using the ‘deflate’ method. In this process, if your server supports this then it will send back ‘can_compress_scripts’ along with ‘option_value’ with the value of 1.

    In most of the server cases, it does not support or gets its wrong by just not deflating accurately. Hence, the WordPress developers can also go for updating their WordPress manually or by trying to update it through the wp-admin dashboard.

  • Twist it up with some Google Libraries

    We all are very well aware of how Google is helping us to get the flawless browsing experience on a daily basis. Hence, it has also come up with some of the amazing plugins to help you resolve the white text and missing buttons error for your Visual editor studio in WordPress. The Google plugins allow your site to utilize the most common Javascript libraries from Google’s AJAX Libraries CDN which are somewhere from WordPress’s own copies.

    When you install and join it with your site, WordPress loads js files from its own directory with much more safety. In any case, if the js files are untrustworthy or missing out the security permission level, the editor will stop responding. This can save from malicious attacks and unwanted viruses to jam your server.

  • Will these methods help to solve your Error?

    We are well aware of WordPress popularity as almost half of the websites are running on it across the globe. It comes up with a big community that is comprising of WordPress developers for an online support 24/7. This makes it more user-friendly than any other platform. We hope the above-given methods will help you to fix your white text and missing buttons in the visual editor. In case, if any of the tip and trick does not work out, it is always a better option to ask your service provider. Next time, enjoy a smooth experience without any white text or missing buttons issue in your WordPress Visual Editor. If you have got any other method or hack apart from the given above, feel free to drop it down in the comment section. Keep Learning!


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