How to Find a WordPress Blog Logo That Customers Will Love

WordPress hosts around 75 million websites. One of them may be yours. If you’re not already using WordPress, you might be thinking about switching.

There’s a reason this platform powers such a huge percentage of the Web. Although it can seem overwhelming right at first, WordPress is easy to use and easier to learn.

Building great sites is easier with a great platform, but you still have to create the content. One of the things you want to include on your business website is a great WordPress logo.

This guide will help you understand why you need a logo and how to create one. We’ll even go over how to make sure you’ve got the right one for your new website.

Why Do You Need a WordPress Blog Logo?

A logo is like a calling card for your business. When customers see it, they know exactly who they’re working with. A logo can instantly inspire trust. For example, just look at the history of the now famous WordPress logo.

Whether you’re running a business, a charity, or even a lifestyle blog, a logo helps your audience find you. It’s no different on your WordPress site. When visitors spot your logo, they know what they’re getting.

Whether it’s an entertaining read or a great shopping experience, they know what to expect.

If you operate a bricks-and-mortar business, you may already have designed a logo. If so, you’ll know some of the factors that go into creating a great logo. We’ll review some of the considerations right now.

What Does a Good Logo do for Your Brand?

Good logo design has a few key ingredients, whether the logo is being used in the real world or online. The best WordPress logos:

  • Are clear and legible
  • Are eye-catching
  • Communicate a story or brand values
  • Use the principles of good design
  • Are recognizable

There are a few special considerations for online use of a logo. For example, in real life, you’ll likely print your logo on paper. It may also be on a large sign outside your office or store.

Online, your logo might appear in some very different places.

One good example is the favicon that appears in the address bar of a webpage. This little icon is often the logo of the business or organization that owns the site. It tells users where they are and that they can trust the site.

It’s tiny though! What will your logo look like if you shrink it down to this size? Complex logos don’t translate well, so simplicity is often best for WordPress logos.

What Goes into Good WordPress Logo Design?

We’ve mentioned a few considerations for your logo. You want it to look sharp at any size, and you want your customers to recognize it. How do you achieve these things?

Designing a logo for WordPress is like the process of designing a logo for use in a store. Good design is eye-catching and instantly recognizable. Your logo should tell your customers something about your brand or company.

This can be achieved through design. Colors, for example, evoke different feelings. Blue makes people more trusting, while bright colors make them happier.

Lines can also evoke emotion. Soft, curving lines are soothing and comforting. Sharp angles and jagged lines feel bold.

Even the typeface you pick can communicate an emotion to your customers.

Think about your brand values, then try to reflect them in your logo. The best WordPress logo is one that accurately reflects your business.

Getting Help Designing a Logo

You’ve thought long and hard about your logo, but you’re not sure how to translate it into a design. There are many ways to get a helping hand creating a logo.

The first thing you can do is try a free logo maker online. There are many of them available, although some are better than others. These online tools can help you translate an idea into a reality.

They’re also a good way to get an idea of what you like and don’t like. It’s easy to change settings, so you can try out many different styles.

You can then take some of these samples to experienced graphic designers. They can work with you to craft the perfect logo for your WordPress site.

If you need a logo that works online and in the real world, you should work with design professionals. Click here to learn more about translating logo design to the real world.

Displaying Your New WordPress Logo

Once you find a WordPress logo, you’ll want to place it on your site. How can you display it so that it always looks good?

One easy option is to use a WordPress logo plugin. There are many of these, and they’re designed to display multiple logos in grids or carousels. They can help you put your logo on each webpage on your site, in the same place and same size.

Something else to consider, is to read about how other brands and experts have created their logo designs. Nearly everyone will have a different story, plan of attack, and useful tools that they considered for creating their own brand identities.

Another way to add your new logo to your website is to have someone build a custom theme or template. They can include the logo as part of each page. That way the logo is displayed the same way every time.

If you already have a design for your WordPress theme, you can have a web designer or graphic designer help you add the logo to the theme.

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Logo?

If you don’t already have a WordPress logo for your site, it’s time to create one. The tips in this guide will get you started on finding the best logo for your site.

If you already have a logo, it could be time to update it for your new WordPress site. Think of it as a branding exercise for your company.

Are you looking for an overhaul of your WordPress site to go with your updated logo? It’s time to get in touch. We can help you create a better customer experience with better hosting and a stylish new theme.

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