How Influencers On Instagram Are Changing The Marketing Industry

Scrolling your way through an Instagram timeline, over the years it’s moved beyond the post of a picture with a few filters and captions added to it. Recent developments with the features on the app have made it more than just a social networking app.

Using tagging and ‘Instagram stories’ to its advantage and embracing over 500 million active users a day, it’s become a social media app that is set up for marketing opportunity through ‘instagram influencers’, but it still has the fun of liking the odd post from your friend from time to time.

So, you might be asking how it’s become this platform for influencers. Well, here is a rundown of Instagram influencers and why they are becoming such a strong device in the marketing game that businesses should take advantage of.


What Is An Instagram Influencer?

Essentially, Instagram influencers are individuals on Instagram with a large influence gained from their following/subscribers to their Instagram profile. Due to the following they’ve gained, they have great authority on the social network, providing a trust to their followers which can help to sway the opinions of those connected with them.

The most popular form of influencers tend to be those who are in beauty or fashion, but others can include experts in their chosen field. Reality TV stars have slowly become large influencers in the Instagram world, gaining a large following from their appearance on shows such as Love Island for example.

In recent years, businesses have taken advantage of this and paid for these influencers to promote their products in their posts or stories. This can encourage brand exposure to thousands of subscribers with the potential of a purchase.


What Types Of Influencers Are There?

Micro-Influencer: These tend to be influencers who have a following of around 1,000 or more with a low-medium reach. Their subscribers or followers tend to be the active type who engage with posts through commenting and sending messages. This is because the small following that the influencer has will feel a personal connection with the person.

Macro-Influencer: This is the opposite to the micro-influencer where although the influencer may have high followers, the engagement rates are rather low. They can have over one million followers and tend to be celebrities such as Kim Kardashian or David Beckham.

This is why it’s important to find the right type of influencer that you feel will be beneficial for your business.


How Are They Changing Marketing?

Advertisements nowadays need to be more engaging and innovative. Long gone are the days of static advertisements, now they require some sort of story or authenticity to help generate reactions and ‘word of mouth’ reactions. Instagram influencers make this possible by growing the brand through the trust of their followers.

It’s less ‘in your face’ to potential buyers, and in fact, it can be rather enjoyable for users to see how the product that’s been advertised incorporates into the influencers life, therefore creating a more engaging experience for the user/buyer. Coming from someone they trust, they’re also more likely to buy the product due to the connection that they feel they have.


The most important thing to consider when using influencers on Instagram is the type of personality they are and whether the audience they have as followers is the one you wish to target for your brand. Branding agency’s Manchester-based will see this as an opportunity to help with growing your business brand, incorporating it into strategies that they create for potential clients.

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