How Botman can Improve the User Experience of your Laravel Website

How Botman can Improve the User Experience of your Laravel Website

Have you ever wondered as a website owner, developer or manager whether you need a chatbot or not? Well, if you are still thinking about that, you might be missing the forest for the trees!

Chatbots became a raging trend long ago. Every single business with even a miniscule digital presence today is using a chatbot. Chatbots have made businesses more humane by helping them converse with customers and followers on social media platforms, messaging platforms and their very own website.

The problem usually arises in developing a chatbot. There are so many options sitting on the shelf and there are so many vendors promising you the most conversational chatbots, buzzing with the keywords of machine learning and natural language processing.

How do you even decide where to get started? Botman is exactly the answer you have been looking for.


What is Botman?

Botman is a framework independent library that can help you not only get started with developing your very own chatbot, but can actively assist you in scaling it and building it up for all platforms.

How can it help me and my business?

The fact of the matter is – developing a chatbot can be scary. Unlike a website or an app’s additional functionality which may sit in the back and can be fine-tuned with user feedback, a chatbot sits right at the frontend of your website as well as your digital presence. Think about a chatbot like a receptionist – a great receptionist is the:

  • First customer touch point and hence responsible for putting your visitors in the right mindset.
  • Serves as the first impression of the business and hence is crucial for ensuring an outstanding customer experience.
  • Key reason why your customers might want to leap into the next stage of interacting with your business – which may include exploring your product range or discovering a solution you offer.


Why Botman?

When so much is running on a chatbot, you cannot afford to mess it up even a little. This exactly why Botman is the plug in you should use for your chatbot development:

  • It works for the simplest of all – command prompt chatbots and still has the capacities to help you develop a fully functional conversational bot.
  • Botman works with every single major messaging platform out there – Slack, Facebook, WeChat, Telegram, Nexmo, HipChat and even Microsoft Bot Framework.


Botman and Laravel

Eager to include Botman in your chatbot development plan? Here is how all of that works out:

1. First things first: Hire Laravel developer(s)

Botman’s key strength lies in its simplicity. It’s lucid instructions and other helping tools may make you wonder – “Well, I can do that!” or you may feel like hiring a freelancer to do it for you. That might work if you just want to try out what a chatbot would seem like and then you would tweak it incrementally; but if you want a great chatbot from day one of deployment, you should take up professionals on board.

2. Figure out what functionalities you need from your chatbot

Chatbots come with a width of possibilities; to an extent where you can make your chatbot into any form you want.

You can have a conversational chatbot built using machine learning and natural language processing. Or you can have a simple chatbot that crawls through your website and provides users with a solution as they ask for it. Or you can have a chatbot that acts as a messaging portal for your sales & customer relationship teams.

The first thing you want to determine is – why do you even need a chatbot? Do you want to put the receptionist analogy to use or do you want a more interactive way for your business to greet and guide its visitors? Once you have the functionalities in mind, it is a pretty linear path thereon.

Botman is the solution you would be looking at, no matter what are the features you seek. Once you have your Laravel development company and Botman in place, you can take things ahead in a much more systematic way.

3. The power of Laravel

Laravel is an extensive framework that allows you to make your project more scalable, accessible and still increases your development pace.

Laravel is one of the best possible PHP frameworks out there because it brings to you the features of several other frameworks without actually putting you through the hustle of adapting a new framework every now and then.

It comes in with its own set of twenty libraries right from the beginning of your project. Add to this the libraries and codes available with Botman and you would be looking at the perfect set of tools required to kick-start your chatbot project.

Besides, since Botman is framework agnostic, you can tweak it later using pretty much any framework you desire. That said, once you have used Laravel, you might not even want to shift to a new framework.

4. Leverage the Botman community and the developer ecosystem.

Ask any developer what has been her/his biggest helping guide when taking up new projects and more often than not you will get a developer community as an answer.

Botman has its own active community in its beta phase. Here, every new developer who just got acquainted with Botman will take up common issues and challenges and the community will collectively provide the solutions. Think about it like a GitHub for chatbots.


Concluding Remarks:

So, when you pair up the capabilities of using Botman with the flexibility and speed of Laravel you get extensive functionalities, speed of development, a tailor-made solution and an active community that helps you with post deployment challenges, all in one go.


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