Graphic Design Tips – 7 Logo Fonts Designers Should Know About

When it comes to doing graphic design for a business or business site, the first the major discussion and consideration first revolves around logo design. A logo is something which can speak volumes about a particular brand or business, which needs to be given optimum care.

One major mistake people tend to make while starting up a business is giving less importance to the logo making as they are caught up many other priority things. They compromise on a minimal common design, but a later stage struggle with it when during the actual establishment of expansion phase, they don’t find their logo to be competent to sell itself.

Graphical logo design

Often, we think of using images and colors in logo design, but you should know that logo fonts too are very crucial among the design elements. Just explore it, and you can see that the logos of many iconic brands are typography based than just a design. If your logo is based on typography, then this article will help you to find some creative ways to make it stand apart.

If the logo features the business name, the craft and finish of it will depend on the skillful use of various fonts. Fortunately, now there is a wide range of fonts graphic designers can access to find the most appropriate one.

A skillful graphic designer needs to understand how to give different shape and finish to the conventional typefaces to create a unique and attractive logo design. There are many logos which are unique by giving a classy finish to letterings. You can see ‘Coca-Cola’ logo for example, which is one of the prevailing examples of how a letter can create a unique brand identity.

Choosing a typeface

With so many fonts out there, it may be hard for a typical graphic designer to choose the most appropriate font. It may be mostly the client’s choice, but there are some top fonts, which a designer should have in their collection to make an impression. Let’s list those here.

  1. Garamond

Garamond is a family of the old serif typefaces. The major feature of this font is excellent readability. It also looks so elegant on the screen. Various typefaces under Garamond include Stempel Garamond, Adobe Garamond, Sabon Next, ITC Garamond, and EB Garamond, etc.

  1. Trajan

You are used to this typeface on the movie poster of Hollywood. Trajan is a hot favorite for ages now and many designers who consider creating logos for, marriage, legal, religion, and cultural things used to resort to this font. Plutus Mark SEO experts point to the fact that Trajan is also an old-school serif typeface which was designed back in 1989 by Carol Twombly. You can find that this typeface is made based on the Roman style square capitals. Using it can add more versatility to your logo.

  1. Helvetica

Helvetica is a widely used font by graphic designer, not only in logos. Professionals are largely fans of this font and Helvetica comes bundled with the personal computers ever since the beginning of the 1980s onwards. Even though the letters are spaced a bit tightly on this font, careful usage of this font can surely give a much familiar and effective finish to the logo designs.

  1. Bodoni

Bodoni is an ideal for headlines, decorative text, and also for logos. It features a much flatter finish, and the typical un-bracketed serifs of its letter typeface have a very narrow underlying structure. You can get both thin and thick strokes using this font with a fine contrast between two. This font looks so aesthetic with its geometric balance. The top tip is to mention this font in your design brief also when you are trying to crowdsource your design task.

  1. Futura

Futura is also well noted for its geometric shapes as near-perfect squares, circles, and triangles. With this geometric perfection, apart from merely logos, larger displays, books, corporate designs also use it efficiently. This font is also considered by designers to be used for smaller text.

  1. Sabo

If you want to create a logo with arcade theme, the one of the safest bet is to try Sabo retro font. This is one of the best typefaces featuring a pixel-style font mechanism which can surely impress the strikes with its classic old-fashioned style. You can make use of two different styles of this based on purpose as filled and inline.

  1. Zorus Serif

Jeremie Dupuis who is a Canadian designer developed Zorus Serif font. Creations with Zorus Serif will offer a distinct Gallic feel to the designs with the antique glyphs of this font. The font is also suitable to use when you want to give an old-fashioned look to the design. There are two versions of this font as standard and italic.

Even though the above-mentioned fonts top the list, there are many other catchy typefaces for logo design, which you can try out in logo design as Bobber, Akura Popo, Berlin, Rockwell, Didot, Univers, ITC Lubalin Graph, Frutiger, ITC Bauhaus, FF Meta, FF Blur, Horizon, Big Caslon, Sackers Gothic, FF Din, Sassoon, Baltica-2, FF Avance, Modesto, Neo Sans, Proxima Nova, Foco, Tondo, Museo Sans, Uni Sans, Neue Swift, Brandon Grotesque, Bodoni Egyptian Pro, Revista, Bambusa Pro, Amsi Pro etc. to name a few.

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