Graphic Design Guide: The 4 Truths You Need to Know for Designing a Website for a “Boring” Brand

Website design has its own challenges. The situation becomes especially trying when the design involves a brand or a product that is somewhat less attractive. These so-called “boring” brands can befuddle veteran designers as well with their lackluster packaging, dull brand colors, and poor typography choices. No matter how bland a brand is, a great graphic designer knows all the ways to spice things up for the online audiences.

Here are the top 5 design strategies that the best SEO Houston Company recommends for every designer.

Rely on a clean design

The emphasis is on minimalism, but there is no point applying minimalistic strategies where it does not apply. Some brands like it grandiose and there is no way you can make the website work if you leave out the sense of grandeur the brand brings. The website design, background design elements, typography choices and scrolling effects should reflect their taste in product design and packaging, their brand values and brand identity.

Websites should reflect the signatures of brands and their products. Rarely has a site defined the identity of a brand. As a graphic designer, your aim should be to hook the right people with the right images, tags, and effects. Simplicity can work even without minimalism. Work on creating a clean and clutter-free design that banks on high-quality photos, personalized fonts and adheres to the latest design trends.

Don’t bewilder the visitor with too many choices

Research shows that the users do not feel as comfortable and confident when websites shower them with too many options. American brands love providing extensive choices, whether it is for cereal brands or bottled water! Frankly, too many options don’t make it any easier for the visitor or the brands.

The easiest way is to keep the menu and the options expandable. Allow the users to direct their attention towards a clear introductory message or a landing page. It will leave only a handful attraction magnets on one page. The user’s attention will easily run towards the CTAs (Call to Actions). Scrolling may serve more information to the users, but it is also the leading cause of disruption among almost all mobile users.

Try new things

The idea is to be brave while trying to design for a brand that is rather boring and bland. The variation in color, the inclusion of the latest design trends, bold photography and exciting typography choices can liven up any website, irrespective of its content. There are quite a few instances where graphic designers have solely focused on these design elements to redefine the website content, brand literature, and user intent.

Pushing the design and layout a little further, while conforming to the latest digital needs can help you open your brand up to new possibilities. We are not asking you to stray away from the primary brand colors and fonts. We are simply asking you to introduce new design concepts while respecting the boundaries, to create a variety of taste for the potential new users. The several dual tone trends, distortion of images and scratched up rendering of pictures add fun to the traditional graphic design tones.

Show some motion

You can use motion (video and animation) as a surprise element of the website design. That is the age of dynamic design. Any dynamic content should add intrigue to a design. Videos and animations are more popular than they ever were. Graphic designers are seizing this opportunity to tell brand stories, success stories and narrate the journey of the founders.

No matter how dull the biography of a brand is, nothing can ever seem boring when it is animated! Many websites use delightfully smart and sweet videos in their “About Us” and “Services” sections to spruce things up. It can include e-learning centers and travel agencies, but it can also include Nurseries and Recycling Companies.

Addition of videos and introduction of animation in the layouts serves the purpose of pumpkin spice on a latte! These are fun additions to any plane-Jane website that has the power to immortalize them in the user’s memory. Always remember, whatever you do, show respect to the mobile crowd.

These three design strategies can help any designer create interesting, informative and helpful websites of any brand that identifies as boring, dull or mundane. Even cleaning brands, like Eagle Clean, have been able to create an excellent UX. This website offers their users a clean mobile-friendly layout, downloadable “Screenclean Screensaver” and a quirky graphic design idea. To create a website that resonates with the audience, you have to understand the audience. Once you have done that, you can easily move on to the creative process to elevate their UX.

Author Bio: Brian Rothman has his own design firm. His graphic design team has worked with the best SEO Houston Company and spearheaded many design movements.

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