Get a Hearing Aid with Audien Hearing

Dealing with hearing loss can be very frustrating and finding a good quality hearing aid is time consuming and expensive. Many of the hearing impared have suffered in silence, thinking they will never be able to afford adequate hearing devices. Which is why Audien Hearing is here, to change the hearing aid market for the better. 

Audien Hearing offers high quality, rechargeable hearing aids at extremely low prices. Their philosophy is to essentially cut out the middleman such as hearing centers, sales reps, and appointments. By doing so, they are able to give the consumer hearing aids straight from their factory. This way, you get to skip the unnecessary steps of the past and go straight to the treatment part. 

Audien Hearing has the best hearing aid products on the market, especially at their price points. The average price of general hearing aids is $4600 a pair, which is an unrealistic cost for many individuals. Not to mention the piles of bills you would rack up from doctors appointments and hearing tests before you are even given hearing aids. Constrastingly, Audien Hearing prices their hearing aids at just $89 a pair. 

The best part is, Audien Hearing states that their hearing aids are made with the same technology as the average $4600 pair of hearing aids. With such amazing quality and prices, Audien has found a way for everyone to get the care they need without going into debt.

Audien Hearing provides its customers with:


  • Lifetime support.
  • Prices you can afford.
  • Superior audio quality.
  • Comfortability and discreteness.
  • Rechargeable hearing devices.


In addition, customers have two product choices:


  • EV1 – Audien’s best seller at only $89/pair. It’s in-ear, rechargeable, and easy to use. 
  • EV3 – Audien’s top of the line, starting at $249/pair. It’s smaller, sleeker, and more powerful.


Audien Hearing’s mission is to give everyone access to affordable, effective, and comfortable hearing aids. And it’s safe to say that their mission is being fulfilled with tons of happy and hearing customers! In fact, over 100,000 customers have taken advantage of this opportunity for improved hearing by purchasing hearing aids from Audien Hearing. 

Now, thousands of people can avoid the grueling and expensive processes of the past to improve their hearing. Here’s what one happy customer had to say, “Audien changed my life. It’s small. It’s easy to use. It’s 100% rechargeable.” 

Another five star review says, “I haven’t had any problems at all. No itching, the sound is clear and crisp, so comfortable that I forget they are in my ears. Way better than my old $4,000 hearing aids!”

With Audein Hearing, those that suffer from hearing loss finally have accessibility to a product that will change their lives for the better! Get your pair of hearing aids today from Audien Hearing! 


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