Functional Testing for WordPress Affiliated Applications

It is not a surprise that thousands of mobile apps are launched on the app market every day. But it is quite miserable or misfortunate that around 70% of the apps are uninstalled by the users within a few days of its usage. This means that good numbers of businesses and service providers are losing a good amount of money invested in mobile apps with a lot of expectations. The reason for uninstallation can include app crash due to bugs, technical complaints, or functional deficiencies.

WordPress is one of the most visited sites and a lot of bloggers and blog readers tend to have a WordPress application in their mobile phones. You need to follow a certain pattern for checking the functionality of WordPress affiliated application.

Since we have got a lot of software developer that claims to provide real WordPress application which is a copy.

One thing which every WordPress user must keep in mind is the restrictions of WordPress application. WordPress application is only useful for those people who have got a WordPress website. Many people tend to create applications that will work alongside WordPress. Such as some professional profile sites

This tip was only for those people who have not got any WordPress account and want to read blogs at WordPress. On the other hand, if you have got a WordPress account then you ought to follow these steps to check the functionality of your application.

Pcloudy is a software, which can help you test your application. You may have seen reviews about various applications that have stopped you from downloading the application since bad reviews can destroy your entire business thus, you need to check on to such applications.

Never Ignore the Importance of Functional Testing

Your ignorance can sometimes result in great loss for you, especially in the case of mobile app testing. It is your duty and responsibility to make sure that your mobile app is developed with the user-friendly functional features to serve the customers in the way it is intended to do. Mobile app development is a technical process and hence mistakes can happen at any stage related to coding or other technical processes.

But you can’t blame anyone for ignoring mobile app test before launching your app especially when pCloudy, provide the most trusted platform to check the mobile apps. Make use of this platform to conduct Functional Testing to make sure that all of the functions work as per the expectation of the customers.

Never miss any of the Devices

Do you know that your mobile app must perform better in thousands of devices with different specifications and screens resolutions? Yes, it is. pCloudy platform is one of the reputed and trusted cloud-based mobile app testing platforms that help you check your app with more than 5000 devices browser combinations. The platform is compatible with almost all the testing tools and the scripts. The tools and testing device of the platform can be configured as per the testing requirements.

Quality Apps Bring the Future for Businesses

Smartphones and mobile technology are a trend now and it is going to change and decide the future of the businesses. It is difficult for you to sustain in the competitive market without a powerful mobile app. As it is said that the first impression makes the best impression, your app should have the ability to grasp the attention of the people or users within the first visit itself.

A poor app can easily break the reputation of the business and divert the customers to the competitor’s app. pCloudy is helping the businesses to avoid this worst experience and to assure the app with the best in functionality features to keep the customers engaged with your app.

Instant Access to Mobile Apps Checking Platform

pCcloudy works on the cloud platform and provides users with instant access to the robust mobile app testing platform. There is no need for the users to purchase any of the software or alter any of the hardware to make use of the pCloudy platform. Now you can engage in Functional Testing at any time from anywhere with pCloudy.


Viruses, bugs and data loss is the most significant issue when it comes to application download. Many profile building applications which can be connected to WordPress blog need to be checked, you should not launch such applications which are not tested. Otherwise, data leakage and other cybercrimes will increase at a faster pace.

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