Fast Ways To Increase WordPress Website Speed

WordPress is one of the fastest CMS options available on the market at the moment but this does not mean you cannot make it even faster. In fact, most of the WordPress websites out there could be a lot faster. Because of this, if you want to make your own website with WordPress, here are some really fast ways in which you can make everything faster.

Hosting Upgrades

Whenever someone is serious about improving website speed, it is important to look at the hosting plan. If the WordPress website is hosted on a shared plan, upgrading hosting can actually have a dramatic impact on speed. It can also be seen as a priority for sites that start to pick up a lot of traffic.

It should be mentioned that using managed to host provider services is also something that you have to take into account since the servers offered are perfectly optimized for WordPress use.

Delete All Plugins You Do Not Use

One of the easiest ways to make your entire site faster is to delete the plugins that you do not use. If you have many plugins activated, the browser needs to load more. This automatically slows down performance. After you delete or deactivate the unnecessary plugins the site will load faster. You can also take advantage of plugin profilers like P3 so you can narrow down the plugins that are known to slow down a WordPress site.


The CDN (Content Delivery Network) will place website images in files in various locations around the world. When visitors access the site they will download the closest copy. Using a CDN is particularly useful when websites have large media files and a lot of traffic. In these cases the speed improvement is drastic.

Use A Very Good Framework

The site’s content and appearance are normally built through a theme framework because this reduces development time while offering increased customization options and functionality. The problem is that many frameworks include many built-in options that are never actually going to be needed. What is important is to choose a theme that uses a framework that is both lean and robust.

Don’t Forget About Caching Plugins

Caching will so often help a lot with slowness issues. This is a plugin that will create numerous HTML pages of all site pages. As the visitor access the site, he does not make server requests with every single visit. Website speed ends up higher because server strain is quickly reduced. Nowadays, you can choose out of many great caching plugins, with WP Rocket and W3 Total Cache being just 2 of the really popular ones.


Improving WordPress site speed is something every single webmaster should think about. The suggestions offered are just the easiest you can use right now but there are definitely others you can find if you look online. Make sure that you tune, test and then make necessary changes so you can offer the exact experience that visitors want from your site. This always includes having the fastest possible loading speed.

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