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What is Marketing Intelligence?

Marketing intelligence is used by marketing research firms that are focused on decision making. The marketing intelligence system is a technology and information source system that the marketing manager follows to help translate information from the environment and make marketing decisions. The role of market intelligence is to lower the level of decision-making risk. Through market information, the seller can identify the needs and needs of customers. Another way is to examine marketing information from sales or lack of sales. The important thing is that it is implemented. Market research and market research is the collection and interpretation of the company’s marketing information. The main purpose of market intelligence is to assess the ability of a product to succeed in the target market, but the main purpose of marketing research is to optimize product advertising and increase the cost effectiveness of inbound and outbound marketing programs. The goal of marketing analysis is to evaluate the ability of the product to be successful in the target market. Marketing information is clear data showing stakeholders a comprehensive segment of the industry segment or client base. Marketing information is collected based on existing data from a variety of sources of information and to use the user’s behavior and competition. The term “market” refers to the same category and intelligence data of potential buyers.


Marketing intelligence (MI) is the process of analyzing information on the company’s marketing opportunities. It is used to determine marketing opportunities, marketing strategies, and market development indicators to make accurate and confident decisions. The next level of marketing research is marketing intelligence. Marketing intelligence is defined as the management of digital consumer data from collection to analysis and builds a comprehensive perspective for consumers to deduce the conclusions of marketing decisions. Throughout the history of marketing, research and analysis are important to identify and capture opportunities in commercial markets. Marketing research in the 1900s was limited to qualitative questions in terms of time and scale. Marketing research explains the situation where there is no limited and organized attempt to obtain specific information. For example, the marketing manager of the company believes that the results can be improved. Like Adidas. In 1994, sales in the United States increased by 62 percent due to marketing research, and the company sold a year later.

How Marketing Intelligence is Used

The core of marketing intelligence is the use of multiple sources to fully understand the existing markets of companies, customers, problems, competition, and the potential for growth of new products and services. Market intelligence is focused primarily on competitors, customers, consumers, market trends and suppliers. The focus of marketing intelligence is to gather information on product quality and performance. This is usually an automated process. For social media, marketing intelligence is the intelligence necessary to gather it through the search environment and deliver it to the marketing managers that need it. Marketing intelligence software can be deployed using on-premises or Software as a Service (SaaS or cloud-based) models. These systems retrieve marketing data from various data sources such as network analysis, business intelligence, call center, and sales data. The purpose of incorporating market information or intelligence into the business intelligence process is to provide a “global” set of corporate performance for decision makers under specific market conditions. Market information is to collect information from external and internal sources to help generate company growth through increased revenue, market share and profitability. The sources of market analysis include information about competing companies, economic trends, consumer interests, and availability of vendors.

These are usually separate reports and are placed in a single environment. In order to collect marketing information, the marketing manager needs to refer to related books, newspapers, and industry magazines. Marketing intelligence includes the process of gathering data from the company’s external environment, but the business intelligence process is based primarily on internally recorded events such as sales, shipping and purchasing.

Marketing Decisions

With this knowledge, a company can improve the user experience, change the product itself, increase security and add new features. The basic purpose of international marketing information is to make better business decisions.  Marketing decisions should be based on sound marketing information wherever possible. The process of collecting, interpreting and disseminating information related to marketing decisions is called market intelligence. The purpose of marketing intelligence is to gather information about your product to determine your marketing audience around the world. Market understanding is the concept of understanding the performance of products that companies already operate while focusing on other markets where they want to fully deploy their products. The marketing intelligence system is a set of rules and information used by marketing managers to investigate the information available to make decisions. Source of raw data for this analysis is from sales records, surveys, and social media. Marketing analysts may access the competitors’ websites and stores to find public information on the number and type of potential customers and keep the latest news from local magazines, magazines, and corporate groups up to date.

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