Different Ways to Add Social Media Icons to WordPress Menus

Are you keen on adding social media icons to your website? Although WordPress may not have many social media profile sections, you could use navigation menus in order to display and add icons from social media. In today’s post, we are going to help you figure out some ways that can help you add good icons to your website. The best part about this is that adding these icons that have menus from WordPress may help you the change the way in which they appear. This can be done by using a simple interface where you have drop first and then drag. You may also use them anywhere you want, such as a different menu location as well as a sidebar.

Try Plugins

The first method is called a plugin. It is a simple and easy method of displaying social media icons on WordPress.

  1. For this, all are required to do is activate and install some plugs from social media.
  2. Once that has been activated, visit appearance and then menus in the dashboard after which you can add a few social icons.
  3. Before you begin adding those links, the option of creating a fresh menu will be there to help. The option will be there on for creating a fresh menu as well. You could give it a title so that it is easy to remember.
  4. After this, you will be able to find a tab that goes to the custom link. This will be there on the left. Click there on other icons and then you can enter your profile. All you have to do is click on the ad menu button. You could continue this for all the profiles to get the same result.
  5. Once all of the icons have been added, choose the location. You will get many options where the icons can be shown. However, that can be picked on the basis of the theme.


Another way of displaying the social icons menu is by doing it on the sidebar that is present on WordPress or any of the widget-ready areas that you could get by seeing the widgets and appearances in the admin area.

  1. Once you are there, you can drag first and then drop the custom menu on the sidebar.
  2. On reaching the settings, check the social menu you have just created and then save it. You will be able to preview the website now on seeing the social icons button.
  3. If the theme has many widget areas, you could add the icons in these locations such as header, footer etc.

Using the Icons

One of the best parts about the menu social icons plugin is that it has this amazing font awesome library where you can simply add the icons. If you are keen on using other icons from FontAwesome, you could do it easily. First, you need to visit the library, after which you should pick the icon you are keen on. Once that has been selected, you will require the code in the functions of theme file or at least a plugin that is specific for the website. In order to add the other icons, you will have to feed or replace the URL of the social networks you could be trying to add. Another thing you could do is replace the icon name you would like to add.

Having your own icons on the menu

Now we come to the final and most interesting part of the menu and that is adding your own social icons. Do you think that is actually possible? Turns out that it really is. You could always add the icons of a custom image you want to the WordPress menus. Here’s a step by step guideline on how you can go about it:

  1. Install the plugin from the Menu page after which you can install and activate that.
  2. Once that is done, you can visit the appearances and the pages on the menu where you will be able to see the buttons found under all of the menu items.
  3. Upload the image of the icon there.

See, it is actually that simple and easy. You can add image icons as well as menus inside WordPress if you follow all of these instructions carefully.

Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Apart from all of these points, you can still take some help from others if you are wanting. There are some best websites here would include Simple Share Icons, Sassy Social Share, Revive Old Posts and Instagram Feed. They are truly useful in today’s market and we promise you will love all of them!

On that note, we will finish the post for today. If you liked our article, do share your feedback in the comment box below and we will really appreciate it. You can also share it with your friends or those who are starting their website on WordPress and need some help in adding icons.

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