Customer Service vs Customer Experience: What they are and how that matters?

Is customer service a component of customer experience? Or is it the other way round? Or are both these things interlinked? What’s the difference, you ask? And how does it matter? Both the terms “customer service” and “customer experience” have been confused as the same thing and often used interchangeably. Even though they are not the same thing, they are definitely related to each other.

The major point of difference between customer service and customer experience is that while customer service is just one component whose center point is supporting customers by the way of facilitating human interactions- customer experience is the final answer of the entire journey of the customer with your business.

What is Customer Service?

Customer service basically means assisting, advising and facilitating interactions of your customers with your brand. Customer service requires a team that is good with handling people, interacting with them, having communication skills, and who can empathize with people. Apart from that, the team must also have qualities like product knowledge, brand knowledge, tenacity, and patience. This is required to provide the answers to the customers. The human interaction here and the recognition of the voice is something your customer realizes and values.

What is Customer Experience?

Customer experience is a broader term than customer service, in the sense that it covers the entire experience a customer has had with your brand. Every interaction between the customer and the brand is included in this. It also includes how the customer perceives your brand and uses your product, the feeling of buying your product, and the interactions with the customer support team.

There are three major components of customer experience.

  1. Customer Service. This covers customer support, self-service support, customer success, customer feedback- basically any point where a customer is interacting with your customer support team.
  2. Technology. This is where the product is involved. How the product works, how it is perceived, how the customer feels after using it etc.
  3. Design. This covers your entire brand- design of the brand and the product, marketing, the feeling your brand invokes.

The point that bridges the gap between customer service and customer experience is called customer success. This is probably the one difference.

Let’s get to know a little bit about Customer Success

The method of ensuring that your customers achieve their goals by using your product or service and are completely satisfied by the way it has worked out for them is called Customer Success. It also aligns client and vendor goals which creates a win-win situation on both sides. A customer success strategy is only effective when the customers keep coming back to you and also increase your selling opportunities. But there are certain focus areas in customer success.

  1. Making adoption efforts of the service and product you offer.
  2. Increase the product and service expansion into other areas.
  3. Keeping a close eye on customer turnover.
  4. Taking care of the feedback, working on it and delivering results.

Customer success can be ensured in many ways. You can apply many methods and strategies. Some of those can be tried and tested, while some can be new and never used.

Some of the sure shot ways are as follows:

  • Get to know your customer and their needs.
  • Value a customer’s time.
  • Always ask for feedback.
  • Empathy towards the customer.
  • Owning up to the problems of your brand and product.
  • Provide solutions quickly.
  • Thinking of the customer is a constant process. It doesn’t stop once the product is sold.
  • Satisfy a customer’s goals.
  • Be approachable and available to your customers, always.

Final Word

As mentioned above, customer success is the link that bridges the gap between customer services and customer experience. To achieve customer success, a brand needs to follow several methods and strategies that are suitable for their brand and products. Making sure the customer is satisfied will not only help you earn revenue, but it will also help you earn goodwill. Revenues build companies, but goodwill builds a brand.

Identify what problems your company is facing and start building a customer support team accordingly. Look around and you will know if you need customer experience experts.

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