Crunching the Numbers: Must-Have Plugins for WordPress Financial Blogs

Did you know that WordPress hosts about 30% of all websites globally?

This makes WordPress the go-to hosting platform for many website owners. Among these websites might be your financial blog or business website.

With that many websites online on the Internet, how would you drive yours and make it visible to people? How would you increase the number of visitors and customers that will check your site? At the same time, you might also be thinking about the many different ways to make money with your site and blog as well.

One of the most popular methods for site monetization, is through the use of affiliate marketing. The concept here is that site owners will earn a commission on any referred leads or sales to another merchant or brand. To see a few examples of the top financial blogging affiliate programs online, click here for an updated list.

As a site owner, it’s not just about creating high-quality content. You might need some plugins, themes, and tools to empower and enhance your WordPress site. To help you with this, here is a selection of must-have plugins for WordPress sites. Read on and you might find one that you need for your finance site.

1. WPForms

One of the plugins that you need would be something that allows customers to contact you. This is where WPForms comes in handy for many top financial websites and blogs.

This has a drag and drop form builder which makes the process easy to use and is well suited for beginners. You can make subscription forms and business contact forms that you can design for your site. If you manage payday loans online, you’ll need WPForms as it’s important to not only collect user data, but to also make sure it’s securely processed and managed as well.

There is a Lite version which you can make use of right away and for free. But, if you want advanced features included, you should go ahead with the paid Pro version of WPForms.

2. Yoast SEO

This is one of the must-have WordPress plugins for business because it helps you with SEO. This plugin allows complete control of the page titles and meta descriptions on a per page or per post basis. It also does it per taxonomy, (i.e. by category or tag phrase).

It also has other features included like 301 redirection and setting up of rules for search engine bots. The plugin also provides you a way to customize the Facebook descriptions for individual pages or posts.

3. MonsterInsights

This is one of the best WordPress business plugins when it comes to Google Analytics. This plugin lets you learn more about your visitors like where they are from and what they are doing on the website.

When it comes to setup, MonsterInsights isn’t too complex to learn. All you need to do is install the plugin and enable its features, picking what kind of data you want to view. It will do the work for you from that point.

By then, you can optimize your WordPress site to improve your earnings. You can give it a shot by testing its free version. Although you will need to get the Pro version to use its advanced features.

4. Constant Contact

Among the best WordPress plugins for business websites, this is perhaps the most crucial for number crunching. Constant Contact can help you build email lists as well as send scheduled emails to subscribers. It’s an email marketing service with an easy to use platform thanks to its drag-and-drop system.

You can set up an email template and customize it to be mobile friendly. The template also lets you tinker with the logo, colors, and images. To drive engagement, you can add action blocks.

You can also combine this with other tools like OptinMonster for better results.

5. Monstroid2

A business website will also need to look the part. This is where the themes would come in. One of these themes that you can use for your site is Monstroid2. It has an ever-growing plethora of themes. Which you can use to build business websites on various topics.

This modular nature of the template allows you to find a theme that you can make use of for your financial blog or business website. Whichever business you are going for, there should be one that would match the look you desire.

6. Divi

Divi is both a stand-alone tool and a WordPress plugin. It allows you to choose from a  selection of themes or build a whole website from scratch. The best part about Divi is that it offers a simple drag-and-drop UI for people who don’t know how to code.

If you want to customize your site further and you know how to code, Divi gives you that option. It’s also compatible with other plugins from this list, making it one of the most diverse plugins on the WordPress market.

Because of how powerful and how versatile this plugin is, many financial sites use Divi (or to an extent its competitors, Avada and Elementor).

7. OptinMonster

Looking for a means to enhance your conversion rate optimization? Like Constant Contact, this plugin focuses on growing your email list. What it focuses on is in lead generation to help marketers gain more customers.

It provides a variety of solutions for your website, including geo-location targeting and exit-intent technology. You can also combine this with other plugins for better effect, like Constant Contact.

8. Forex Themes

Another theme that you can add to your site is the Forex Theme. This allows you to match the look and feel of a financial authority online. This theme fits well for traders and business sites, making it among the must have WordPress plugins for business sites.

This serves you with responsive, professional layouts. This comes with an unlimited range of color combinations. It also provides an effortless implementation as well.

There is also another version that has a more innovative feel to it. This offers a boxed layout and header suites that offer different business colors. Whichever theme you choose, a great presentation should allow you to keep your customers around as they browse through your site.

Load Your Site with Must-Have Plugins for WordPress Today!

These tools are among the essential plugins to every WordPress site, especially for business sites and financial blogs. Loading these must-have plugins for WordPress on your site should make it easier for you to draw in more customers. Thus, making site management a smoother experience than before.

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