Brand Marketing Evolution: How to Get Gen Z Customers Loyalty

Throughout the last years, the focus of marketing campaigns was on Millennials. Now, it’s time to look into the future. Generation Z, the generation after Millennials, encompasses the people born from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. Currently, they account for over 25% of the population in the U.S. This audience is larger when compared to the Millennials.

In business and marketing, we’re always concerned about the money, so here’s an interesting fact that will surely get your attention: Gen Z contributes with $44 billion to the American economy.

When compared to the Millennials, the people from Gen Z are better multitaskers, but they are less focused. They are after bargains, and they have higher expectations. Individuality is a huge factor for them, and they were practically raised with technology.

All these factors make us realize: it’s time for brand marketing campaigns to evolve, following the needs of the generation that’s taking the spotlight.

So how exactly do you make Gen Z loyal to your brand?

Learn Everything About Them

Roberta Bodecci, head of the marketing team at Best Dissertation, shares an important tip: “Before you start making any shifts to your marketing campaign with the intention to enter Z territory, you must first understand this generation. They grew up during the economic recession, so value for money is practically their motto. That’s your first guideline. Get all detail about them, and you’ll know how to tailor your marketing.”

That makes sense. Who are these people, really, and what can you expect from them? If you thought you were ready for Millennials, keep in mind that Gen Z imposes greater challenges regarding brand marketing. They are known as the “Millennials on steroids.”

To start, learn as much as possible about this generation, and pay attention to the differences that make it unique. Pay attention to studies and statistics, and you’ll be on the right way to crafting a better brand marketing campaign.

Gen Z-ers Can’t Live without YouTube

Out of all social media platforms and popular online services, YouTube is a favorite for Gen Z (especially for its male audience). Whenever they plan to purchase a product or service, they will search for a review on YouTube.

What does this mean for your brand? Simple: it needs a strong YouTube presence.

  • Connect with influencers from the relevant category and make an offer so that they can review your product or services.
  • Invest in the brand’s YouTube profile. Film and promote great videos, which reflect the brand’s value and vibe.
  • Answer their questions! YouTube is a great platform that triggers communication. Invite the audience to ask a question, and answer them in an exclusive Q&A video.

Don’t Give Them Ads; Give Them Value!

Since Gen Z-ers were raised with technology, there’s a safe conclusion to be made: their attention span is not impressive. They don’t have much patience, and they don’t like wasting time on useless marketing. Of course, you can find a marketing approach that works for this audience, but it has to give them value instead of straightforward promotion.

Sponsored content? It might not work, especially if it doesn’t answer their questions (remember: value!). They will pay attention to your content and stay loyal to your brand only if you answer their needs and wants. What does this mean for your marketing campaign?

  • Your content and ads must explain how your customers benefit from your brand.
  • Think of that aggressive approach of TV shopping channels, and you’ll know what we mean: that doesn’t work. You should explain the features, but you must never make the content overly salesy.

Focus on Mobile

When you were crafting your marketing campaign to fit the needs of Millennials, you were thinking mobile first. Now that you’re focused on Gen Z, “mobile first” becomes “mobile only.”

  • Make sure your customers can easily interact with your website via mobile. All features should be available and easy to use. You don’t want them zooming in to see something or click an action button. The mobile experience has to be flawless and straightforward.
  • Think about developing an app. When Gen Z-ers are genuinely loyal to your brand, they will surely download the app, so they will interact with it whenever they feel the need to get informed or purchase something. It’s much easier for them to use an app than to search for the website in their browser.

Uniqueness Is Key!

Gen Z-ers perceive themselves as individuals. Authenticity is a huge factor for them, and they are loyal to brands that help them express that uniqueness.

  • First of all, this means that your brand has to be unique. When a Gen Z-er decides to make it part of their life, it will be because your brand helps them convey their uniqueness. If they see the same features and design that the competition is offering, they will neglect you.
  • A personalized experience is a must! When these customers come back to your website to make additional purchases, they don’t want to go through the same browsing process. They already know what they want, and they expect the site to understand it, too. Each customer of your brand should have a profile on your website. That enables you to make personalized suggestions, based on their browsing and purchasing history. You can use those suggestions as part of your email marketing campaign, too.

Brand marketing would be boring if it didn’t evolve. Yes; it takes a lot of work to include the needs of an entirely new generation in the marketing planning and development process. But that’s precisely what makes your job fun, right?