Best Web-to-Print Bloggers You Need to Follow

Web-to-print is a service that provides print products through an online storefront. With the increasing demand of e-commerce venture, this service is gaining momentum with the great pace. Businesses use this service to achieve their marketing goals by the consistent and cost-efficient way. They facilitate businesses by creating, changing or authorizing printed material in just one click. There are many web-to-print solutions available in the market.

The web-to-print experts run their own blogs to share their experience, information and updates with the industry. But not every blog is worth your time. There are few bloggers that will leave a long-lasting impact on your mind and enhance your creativity with their designs and writing. Let’s check out the best web-to-print bloggers you need to start following today:

1. Matthew Parker: Matthew Parker is the well-known figure of the industry. A qualified archaeologist and a champion of print Matthew Parker have invested 20 years of his life in this business. Experienced in working in a number of roles for the organization of every size, he is well aware of the norms of the industry and understands what goes on in the buyer’s mind. He has received sales approaches from above 1,400 printing companies. He has founded Profitable Print Relationships to overcome the drawbacks of the print industry and teaches print companies to maintain a profitable relationship with print buyers. The blogs of parker are informative and engaging. With his blogging capability, he tries to inform and train the industry’s newbie about maintaining a profitable relationship and achieve target sales.

Profitable Print relationship: The Profitable Print relationship is a new website launched by Matthew Parker and is aimed at serving the industry with its high-quality assistance to achieve the best results. Through this website, he will assist all about the healthy and profitable customer relationship.

2. Nidhi Agarwal: A small town girl has now become a big face of the web-to-print industry. Nidhi Agrawal is focused and hardworking lady. From a small town of Madhya Pradesh, Nidhi is now successfully leading a multi-national company named Design’N’Buy. The only thing that motivated her to enter this business is to make a good name in this man-dominated industry. After leading several teams in different companies successfully Nidhi Agrawal now keeps a check on human and financial resources and works restlessly to ensure that her company delivers high-class performance.

Design’N’Buy: The Company was started in 2008 and is serving in more than 50 countries. The company has several years of experience in delivering and designing web to print software. With its high-class service and after sales support the company has successfully made its way towards being a king of the industry.

3. Jeniffer Matt: Jennifer Matt, a founder and president of one of the leading company Web2print experts that work with a unique style to cope up with the challenges of converting traditional offline print businesses to successful online print businesses. Jeniffer is one of the world’s foremost experts on web-to-print. She has served at many successful companies and holds double bachelors degrees from UC. She is passionate about the digital world and works creatively and effortlessly to serve you with high-quality print services. Jennifer Matt has written two books Web2Print and Make great Software decisions: A guide for printers. Both the books were of great help for not only users but for printers as well.

Web2print Experts: The Company is one of the fastest growing companies in the print industry. It is basically a technology-independent print software consulting firm that helps printers with web-to-print and prints MIS solutions. The company creates revenue with a combination of innovation and technology and has partnered with high-class printers and technology providers. Their service includes sales and business development, strategic consulting, software development, integration, training, and project management.

4. Jane Mugford: Jane Mugford is a lady with incredible personality and communication skills. She is serving the industry from past 15 years and has implemented multiple web-to-print solutions in a very critical customer environment. Presently she is working as a Managing Director at Print Innovation and change management at Web2print Experts. She is a person with a rare combination of technical skill and business operation sense. Change management in any print company is the most complex process and Jane as an experience print MIS consultant knows it well as how to execute the change and stay calm and creative even in the diverse and critical situation. Jane is responsible to orchestrate changes across multiple locations and this is normally done in a resistant environment that is both time and budget constrained.


There may be many bloggers that provide you with information regarding web-to-print industry but relevant and trendy information is rare to find. These four bloggers are well aware of the market trends and needs. They use their experience and knowledge to make it easy for printers to deal with market challenges. Thus, following these bloggers is definitely worth your time. The informative content provided by these bloggers is boon not only for businesses but also for printers. These bloggers are expert in providing training and leading the industry even in the time of critical situation.

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