Beginners Guide to Mastering Technical SEO Skills

Long before we found out about SEO, online marketers made their own rules about marketing. They followed some easy techniques to get better SERPs and better SEO ratings. However, over time the algorithms changed. Nowadays, they require more authentic content. 

One thing remained constant, the necessity of SEO. But, what is SEO? And how do you use it to improve your ratings and traffic? Fortunately, SEO is a straightforward strategy. However, not everyone is an SEO expert. And executing an irrelevant SEO strategy may cause you financial loss along with repercussions for your online presence. 


What is SEO? 

Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing your webpage to improve the running of the search results. Most importantly, all of this must be through un-paid, organic traffic. Paid search results do not affect SEO. 

Half of the global population buy their products online or research online and purchase offline (ROPO). SEO is a necessity in the modern world. It’s how you convince Google that your website is an authentic, high-quality product. 

Because 90% of all researchers do not go past the first page, you want your product to rank on the search engine’s first webpage. Most marketers call SEO Google optimization as Google is the dominant search engine. 

You can learn technical SEO skills to improve traffic, increase sales, and foster growth. It significantly helps increase the web traffic and improve your online presence to increase sales. SEO is about targeting the right people and what they want to see on their search engine. 


How do search engines work?

Search engines answer questions. To do so, they scour billions of pages and evaluate them. They consider which pages are most relevant. Then they catalog the media and rank it. The rank is what you see on your search engine results page. 


Why do we need SEO?

Search engines generate the most online traffic. Organic traffic is mainly derived from search engines, and it is also more credible. Furthermore, they get more clicks than advertisements. According to research, only 2.8% of people click on ads. 

SEO is a long-term investment but the dividends you achieve over time outweigh the investments. Plus, there is a chance that your traffic will snowball significantly.  


Join the white (hat) side or the black (hat) side:

There are two types of SEO techniques. White hat techniques are some recommended techniques that strictly follow the rules of the search engines. They focus on improving the value of your product. 

Comparatively, the black hat strategy uses gimmicky techniques that fool search engines. Black hat techniques are riskier and make your website vulnerable to penalties. They only optimize your content for the search engine. Therefore the content is crappy and spammy, having low-quality backlinks. Most black hat SEO websites get blocked quickly. 

There is a third category, called the gray hat category. It mixes some components of the white hat tips with the black hat ones. 


Always focus on the user:

In an online world, the visitor is king, and you must try to fulfill visitors’ intent to improve your rating. Furthermore, the modern web user is impatient and won’t appreciate a slow loading website; it could lead to high bounce rates. They will not wait to scour through your post to find the information they need. Websites must make it easier for them to find relevant information. 

Try to understand the goal of your visitor. Why would someone visit your page? What were they looking for, and how can you make it easier for them to find the information?


What is Google’s search algorithm?

While we do not know how Google ranks websites, we do have some insight into the matter. According to some sources, Google relies on the meaning of the query. It also considers the relevance of the page and the quality of the content. 


Some basic SEO principles:


  1. Gain the website users’ trust by not pulling tricks on them through spammy websites. 
  2. Always keep your visitors in mind when creating content. Make your content according to your desired sample population. 
  3. Improve the value of your page by adding unique touches to it, especially visuals. 
  4. Focus on your content and avoid using automatically generated things. Make sure your content is fresh and original.


Techniques to improve SEO:


Optimize your content for voice assistants:

Undoubtedly, voice search is a growing trend in the world of tech. According to experts, more than a quarter of Americans own a voice search assistant. What does this mean for you? Well, these people are using the internet through voice commands. Without optimization for voice content, you will miss out on some big payoffs. Include longer answers to queries since voice searches are longer. 


Put the mobile-first:

Most people around the world either own a mobile phone or have access to one. Therefore, they also shop via their mobile phones. So, it is vital to focus on mobile searches rather than others. Furthermore, Google also prefers mobile sites. According to an update, Google will crawl and index mobile sites before others. 


Write better:

Bill Gates famously said content was king in 1996. And it is true. Well-written content will always trump unoriginal, insipid pieces. Therefore, marketers must focus on the language and presentation of their content. 

The best thing is that you do not have to start from scratch. If you have relevant content on your page, then you can update it.

As far as visuals are concerned, use paragraph breaks to make the article more visually appealing and go for infographics. Write in shorter paragraphs to break the monotony. 

Cover the topic in detail and provide fresh, high-quality news. You should also link your content to other resources. Always use illustrations and media to make the layout captivating. 



Hopefully, this guide will help you understand the concept of SEO and its importance in today’s digital era. Most SEO techniques are easy to follow. Always remember to focus on providing excellent content with an impeccable presentation. Furthermore, always keep the users in mind. Think about their priorities before you pen a post. The effort you put into SEO will revert to you a hundredfold. Not only will improving SEO help your domain authority, but it will also keep you relevant.

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