Website display only default page

When you can host your website on your server but website get display only default page. This problem is occure when server ip has been change . If you use your own server then you have two type of ip Local Ip Public ip Once you done IP migration wizard […]

Configure RNDC key for bind DNS When DNS server not restart.

Generate RNDC Configuration Start by execution of the rndc-confgen command rndc-confgen Configure RNDC Check RNDC Key on the file /etc/rndc.conf  key “rndc-key” { algorithm hmac-md5; secret “1KJjYVuDxsJpcmGIJs/0Uw==”; }; Confirm the file and ownership of the /etc/rndc.conf file. ls -l /etc/rndc.key -rw-r—–. 1 root named 91 May 7 14:15 /etc/rndc.key Configure Bind […]