Digital Marketing Analysis

What is Marketing Intelligence? Marketing intelligence is used by marketing research firms that are focused on decision making. The marketing intelligence system is a technology and information source system that the marketing manager follows to help translate information from the environment and make marketing decisions. The role of market intelligence […]

3 Reasons Lead Generation is Big Business

Most businesses today rely on their own digital marketing campaigns to generate leads and sales. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not actively looking to purchase leads from other businesses. Leads are sought after in all kinds of industries from B2C to B2B. As a result, businesses are willing to […]

Online Payment Options for Small Businesses

Small businesses in the world today have created and greatly enhanced their competitive advantage in the market. Among the key measures that such businesses have incorporated include introducing the concept of e-commerce on virtually every aspect of their operation. Such businesses, through technology, have an opportunity to vend their products […]