Are you Building a New Website? Here’s an Ultimate Guide To Choose A WordPress Theme

When beginning with a WordPress website, many individuals become overwhelmed while selecting the appropriate themes. There are thousands of themes available in the market, be it premium or free versions. Each theme appeals better than the other in every feature. So, how do you select the right theme for your WordPress site to make it stand out of the crowd?

In this article, we will look at a few tips and tricks which a WordPress developer can try on to select the right theme. Let us begin with some basic terms.

What is a WordPress Theme?

Many of you confuse the theme with just the background of your website but trust us it is a lot more than that. A theme is designed to control the graphical interface of your website and build upon underlying files containing a code for the templates. Most of the themes contain code that generates overall design or style of your websites like font, colors, page layouts, and other supplementary details to help you customize the site.

WordPress themes come in various categories with each individual specificities and cater different business needs. You can select site-builders for all-encompassing features or themes for add-on features to your site. There is a massive number of free and premium versions of the themes to choose from. Lastly, it also covers freemium themes and WordPress starter theme to provide a basic structure to your site. Here’s to look at some factors before heading towards any theme.

#1 Active Userbase

The term refers to the number of an active install of a selected theme in total so that any individual can decide if they really need to select the product to start creating their website with. Usually, the themes with big numbers of active installs are more popular and also knows how to retain their users. The figures are relevant in showing theme popularity as it displays how many users have been using that theme to run their business.

#2 Reviews

One of the most considerable ways to add a theme to your site is based on the number of reviews it possesses. All of the positive and negative comments need to look after and examined carefully to figure what are the advantages and disadvantages your site can face after installing the theme. By making a few simple comparisons, you can easily gauge the value of each product to submit an analysis and select some themes you find appealing by setting aside those that make you wonder.

#3 Go for Simple yet Responsive theme

It is observed that many themes come with complex colors and layouts with some flashy animations to catch user attention. But, this is definitely not something you need. In the beginning, always go for the one with a simple design layout that supports your goal without compromising on quality and usability. Also, your website is going to get accessed across different size screens and devices. Therefore, the theme needs to be responsive depending on the topic of your site. The easiest way to check whether your theme is responsive or not is by testing it in Google’s Mobile-Friendly page.

#4 Multilingual and Supported Plugins

Generally, the websites are getting accessed across the globe, and in other counties, people may not understand the language of your site that is offered. In such cases, you need to choose a theme which has multilingual properties that help to translate your website into main languages used by people across the globe to help them work smoothly with your site. The ultimate power of WordPress lies in the WordPress plugins as it is possible to do anything with the help of it. Opt for the plugin with a few must-have features like Gravity Forms, Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache, and many more. You can also ask you WordPress developer for the same.

Summing Up!

There are plenty of WordPress themes you can select heading from high costs to low responsiveness. It is not mandatory to opt for the costly ones as a good theme should let you gain more customer engagement and thereby increase the site traffic. So, you need to keep all the primary aims before selecting any theme for your website and still offer the best to your users. Keep Learning!

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