Amazon Competitor Analysis, 8 Steps To Set The Tone For Success

Amazon offers many things of value to the buyers but that does not mean it has nothing useful for the sellers. Sellers can also enjoy some wonderful benefits e.g. a broad marketplace, brand registry, and brand analytics. Besides it all, Amazon will also offer to ship your products. This is why it is growing with every passing day. But with the growth, the competition among sellers is also growing. One will have to do an appropriate Amazon competitors analysis to remain on top. The path to success passes through competition and one has to go through every hurdle to meet the destiny. Amazon has about five million regular sellers but not all of them offer competition to every new seller. But many of them surely matter if you have decided to sell in the category they have mastered in the recent past. Success as a new seller depends on seeing what they have done and are doing to remain on top of the product searches. Doing appropriate analysis is the only way forward for everyone looking to excel on this platform. 

Every amazon agency advocates conducting a standard competitor analysis while looking to boost sales. A seller is advised to do every good thing a competitor is doing in routine. By adopting the path used by the competitors you can also sell more of your products on Amazon. Here what you should analyze while looking to set the tone for success. 

  • Scoop Through Your Competitor’s Product Listings

The product listings of an established brand will always vary from the newcomer’s listings. Experience teaches people how to carve the best listings to remain in the good books of Amazon. Amazon will keep considering your products while showing results to the searchers if listings have all that it takes to remain on top. Several factors are needed to be scrutinized in the process of a good competitors’ analysis. It will let one get an insight into the entire story. The vital factors to check in the process are:

  • Product title. This is where it is vital to see the standard format required by Amazon before you proceed to see things from a buyer’s perspective. It needs to be informative and free from price tags. It must be informational, not promotional in any way. You are likely to see the best titles on competitor’s pages. 
  • Product features. The product photos are always served with features along the right side. It is always good to see unique selling points that your competitor is using to sell more frequently. 
  • Product descriptions. Every good seller offers additional information in an easy-to-readout format. All your competitors must be considering that valid point and you can check it while conducting proper competitors’ analysis in real-time. 
  • Product images. This is where you see the quality of images used to present products on the listings. You are very likely to see high-quality images on top of the listings as that’s what helps your products catch the eye of the visitor. 

You can check all of the above-described items to scoop through listings. A better view of the listings will help you develop insights for your own product listings. 

  • Research Competitor’s Branding Strategy

Branding not only adds value to the ordinary-looking products but is also useful in making sales superfluous. One can retain and capture more customers by simply branding one’s products. And, it is not only true in the traditional world but is also equally applicable on platforms like Amazon. Every Amazon expert stresses using branding techniques for better outcomes. Things you should see while researching into competitor’s branding strategy are:

  • Tone and language used to describe products on listings 
  • The approach used to exhibit product images 
  • Product packaging and labeling designs 
  • Looking at the quality of the entire brand content to see if it is enhanced

By assessing all those factors you can simply establish an image of the overall branding effort made by your competitors. 

  • Check Your Competitor’s Reviews 

Customer reviews are an important part of sales on Amazon. It is vital to get good reviews to add value to your product listings. You can assess the quality as well as the number of reviews by researching the products. You can understand the strengths and weaknesses of the products here.

  • Visit Competitor’s Amazon Store

Amazon offers a microsite for companies especially when they have a whole lot of diversified stuff to deal with. You are likely to have a store developed by your competitor for better reach. Checking the product display and social media links there will enable you to assess the approach taken to boost sales. 

  • Asses All Targeted Keywords

Since amazon works like a search engine, hence keywords will continue to matter. Amazon SEO depends heavily on the use of keywords. Researching the keyword strategies of your competitor is always going to provide you an added advantage. You are likely to get solutions to all your problems after knowing the game of keywords. Every formal expert advocates for developing a remarkable keyword strategy for selling. 

  • Assess Competitor’s Prices

Competitors’ analysis of any sort will be considered incomplete if it is not done on the prices offered by the competitors. Amazon is always keen on offering products that are relatively low in price. Price may not matter much in the traditional marketplaces but here at Amazon, you will have to compete for the price. 

  • Estimate Competitor’s Sales

Estimating competitor’s sales will allow you to estimate the traffic and by assessing the traffic you will be able to know the secrets. The secrets to selling more cannot remain hidden if you look deep into the SEO strategies being used by your competitors on Amazon. 

  • Investigate Ad Campaigns

Paid ads are vital in the beginning but many sellers keep using them even when they are selling thousands of products per hour. Assessing the ad strategy of your competitors will also help you carve a fine-class ad strategy for your products. 

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