A Structured Approach To Move Any Site To WordPress

When you started your online venture, the platform you have chosen might be most sought-after at that time. Maybe it was the only available that moment and you established your empire on it. But now that you have used it for a long time and it is not at all help you doing what you want at this moment to survive the competition. And finally, you have decided to move it on WordPress by taking help of a professional WordPress Development Company. Smart Move!

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Of course, it is a wise choice and you have made a decision at right time. But, getting into WordPress development service from an existing set up is not a kid’s toy. Even if you hire WordPress developer migrating an existing website to the most favored CMS can be a quite an unpleasant experience.

If you have made your mind to take this challenge, it is great stuff. But, the question is how to make the migration process smoother? Let’s find out the answer in this blog post!

Do some homework, before getting into the migration!

You have accepted the challenge to migrate your existing website to WordPress, that’s awesome! But before you dive into it, ensure you do some ground reality check. The best way is to start with the below checkpoints:

  • What all things you want to convert from the existing website?
  • Do you want to import authors?
  • Are you going to import the comments?
  • Hidden or visible comments?
  • Identifying the data to be imported or discarded.
It is all about a new Website Structure!

Once you are done with the initial evaluation process, the next thing you is to think about how your new website design will be. You can take help of a professional WordPress development company to make it quickly. Starting from hosting, domain, themes, Plugins and widgets, you have to figure out how your new design will look.

Don’t Forget A Sitemap

One of the most ignored aspects of migrating the site to WordPress is the backup of a sitemap. When you move your online business to WordPress, you are not only changing the look and feel, but you are also moving thousands of your pages and contents. Even if you Hire WordPress Developer, many times they forget taking backup of the sitemap and this at the end put the risk of losing something very crucial. So, don’t forget taking a backup of Sitemap with you!

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Keep track of Redirection URLs

What if you come to know that you forgot to get the details of the original URLs for redirection during the migration process? The straight impact of this will be “404 error” when the server didn’t find it. Further, the Google ranking of your site will drop drastically since you ditched a user. In short, it is crucial to let the users get the information they were getting earlier and thus, don’t forget to take the backup of redirection URLs.

The Next Big Move – Installing WordPress…

The next thing is to install WordPress on your domain or on a staging server. If you have not changed the domain, the only thing you have to keep in mind is to create a new sub-directory and then shift it to the original directory later to avoid any impact on old site.

The reason to keep things in sub-directory or in staging is that this way you can easily run your existing website until the new WordPress site ready. Also, please follow the below steps:

  • Set up a new custom WordPress theme
  • Get the new Plugins and widgets
Get ready to Import all your contents!

Once you are done with the installation of the WordPress, it is a time to move all your contents from an old site to the new one. No matter from which platform you are migrating your site to the WordPress, when it comes to importing the data, you will get plenty of free plugins available that will simplify the task of importing your all data in a single go.

Don’t forget to perform a quality check

You have set up your WordPress site, imported all the contents and customize the settings. But have you tested your site? It is crucial to perform testing and debug as many details as you can in order to avoid later on issues.

All set for GO-LIVE!

The last step is to let the search engines find you, reset the Google Webmaster tools and you are LIVE. If you have changed the server, point the domain name to the new server.

And you are all set to buzz the world with your new WordPress website. Based on the above discussion, it is clear that to migrate the existing site to the WordPress, getting help from the professional WordPress Development Services is not enough but it also requires detailing and structured approach in order to make the investment worth. Are you struggling to migrate to WordPress? Want to know how a WordPress Development Company can help you out? Let us know your bottlenecks in the comments below!

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