8 Solid Techniques That Can Boost Your Online Brand Awareness

Cultivating a trusted brand and making your intended audience aware of it is a necessity today for successful business. If the audience you’re targeting isn’t familiar with your brand, or has mixed feelings about it, you won’t be able to expand your customer base or your sales.

There’s so much competition in today’s market. Even seasoned marketing experts struggle to find new and inventive ideas to use in connecting with their target audience. What follows is eight innovative techniques you may use to boost online brand awareness for your business.

Engaging Video Content

Consumers today are short on time and money. The average person doesn’t have a lot of time for anything and are bombarded each day already with various forms of advertising. Video content is one effective way to engage interested consumers. Videos designed to catch the viewer’s attention in the first few seconds, and no longer than one to two minutes in length, are your promise to the consumer to show them what they are interested in within a period of time established from the start. Many companies have seen engagement with their content rise through the use of well-crafted video content.

Also consider a recent study conducted by Cisco Visual Networking Index which projected that as much as 80% of all internet content will be video by 2021. That means if video content isn’t at least an element in your online marketing efforts, perhaps it’s time to consider adding it.

Influencer Marketing

Connecting with influencers and acquiring their help in generating awareness for your brand may prove to be a win-win situation. Influencers with substantial audiences that believe in them could promote your products or services in their content. The mentions will not only make more people aware of you and what you have to offer but may also expand your reach.

Companies like Viral Nation act as global influencer marketing and talent agencies, representing the types of influencers you’re seeking on major social media venues like Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Snapchat, and more. Reputable companies will work with both sides of influencer marketing, helping to arrange mutually beneficial marketing campaigns.

Harnessing the Power of SEO

Most people are familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) but many still don’t quite grasp exactly what it is and how it can be used. SEO is considered by many experts to be the best marketing tool available. The problem is that the way SEO works, it takes time with a lot of educated adjustments to realize its full potential. Such an undertaking goes against today’s mindset of instant gratification. We want something that will work now with minimal effort. The best things, however, take time and effort, and that includes SEO.

Most don’t know that 75% of those conducting a search won’t look past the first page of search results. Even then, most stick with only the top few results.

How do you get your business to be one of the first listings on the first page of results for each relevant keyword that applies to your brand? Through SEO. Learning and using SEO marketing strategies directly tied to your niche, products and services is one of the best ways to cultivate brand awareness. Learning SEO and making use of it won’t get you what you want overnight. Yet with patience and time you could find that it gives you an edge over your competition and grows your online audience and conversion rate along with awareness of your unique brand.

Branded Packaging

Receiving packages for many isn’t as special as it once was. Today with special programs like Amazon Prime, we often receive items in the mail in brown envelopes or white boxes. Yet, once in a while, you’ll receive an item packaged in such a way that it feels like a gift you might get for your birthday or Christmas. Branded packaging involves the company designing a package experience to create a memorable moment for the consumer.

Companies like Packhelp offer companies like Uber, BMW, Nivea, Wrangler and L’Oréal the opportunity to craft custom packaging including their own logo, colors and branding to create a positive consumer experience.

The experience with any product starts with the presentation of the brand. How the story begins is as important as the rest of the tale. Branded packaging helps invest the consumer emotionally with the product when they receive it, bolstering their excitement about the rest of the experience.

It’s a shame that branded packaging is an underused technique as there’s real opportunity there to acquire an edge over the competition. More often than not, packaging is a missed opportunity.

Give Them the Bird with Twitter

As social media platforms go, Twitter is one of the largest and most widely used. It’s a wonderful thing for brand awareness because it makes it easy to share news and interact with your consumers.

Starbucks uses Twitter to great advantage. With more than 11 million followers, Starbucks showcases their followers by not only interacting with them but retweeting them as well and consumers love that. They make effective use of various types of media with photo collections and clever captions, videos and animated gifs to generate the right type of attention. They do it often and they do it well. Their consistent use of hashtags on the popular venue does much to expand their reach.

There are several companies who use Twitter masterfully. Watch what they do and apply the same methods to your own Twitter presence.

Making Good Use of Other Social Media Venues

There are several strong social media platforms in addition to Twitter out there and most people tend to gravitate towards one or two favorites. Many prefer Instagram and Pinterest for their use of images to tell stories. The visual medium makes it easy for friends, family, and other community users to keep up with the story the user wishes to tell.

Top brands like Amazon, Airbnb, MAC Cosmetics, Anastasia of Beverly Hills, and more present captivating images and videos of their products that not only draw in users scrolling through their feed, but offer the ability to interact with them as well. It’s easy for a makeup company to invite consumers to post an image of them with their cosmetics, for example, using a given hashtag so other customers can see them too. Then it’s free advertising as the consumers work to promote you.

Facebook is another powerful platform for raising brand awareness. On Facebook, a community can literally be formed around a brand, product, service and more.

Google’s AdSense Auto Ads

Google has finally devised a way for paid ads to put your brand in front of your intended audience with great specificity. Getting your pitch and narrowed audience right is still a trial and error process. But as with SEO, the end result will be worth it.

In 2018 Google unveiled their new AdSense Auto Ads that do most of the work for you. Using their machine learning technology, Auto Ads can be instantly placed on sites that mesh well with your unique brand. They reach your target audience which provides you with a much improved return on investment (ROI).

Those who are perpetual students of SEO may be wondering what impact using these new ads might have on the publisher site’s search engine ranking. A representative from Google explained that the Auto Ads program tracks the density of ads in a way that won’t have a negative impact on the publishing site’s ranking which is great news. The ads were established to make smart placement and monetization decisions through machine learning in an effort to save the publisher valuable time.

Affiliate Marketing is Still a Thing

Passive income is a popular phrase today and honestly, who wouldn’t want to make money while they slept? In truth, many of the people who have managed to attain passive income streams began with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is where you promote someone else’s products, or pay them to promote yours, often using an affiliate network. If the publisher manages to sell the product being promoted through their marketing efforts, they earn a commission. The idea is based on revenue sharing. It involves offering promoters a financial incentive for promoting your product.

Like finding influencers, finding affiliate marketing opportunities is made easier by companies like iSynergy who create mutually beneficial arrangements between the company sponsoring the affiliate program and the marketer who wants to participate.


Each of the above eight strategies are effective ways to increase your online brand awareness. Depending on the type of business you’re promoting, some tactics may be more effective than others in meeting your business goals. With some patience and a little creativity, you’ll be able to expand your reach and grow the online audience you always wanted.