8 Reasons Why WordPress is Ultimate Choice For SEO

Are you new to creating a website as a blogger or business? Whatever the reason you’ll create your website for, it’s important to get started by using a trusted platform. One of the best ones goes out to WordPress, known for its excellent and navigable platform that has beginners and advanced website owners satisfied. But why exactly is WordPress so beneficial? What does it have to offer that others don’t?

The answer? SEO! It’s able to provide excellent opportunities to get word about your website to search results, increasing your rank. Want to learn more? Check out these eight reasons why WordPress is the ultimate choice for SEO.

So, why exactly is WordPress such an awesome platform to help you strive when it comes to website design and SEO? Here are the top eight reasons why:

  1. Ability For Open Source Customization
    Did you know that WordPress has open-source customization? It’s the reason why so many developers appreciate it, as you can develop your own themes or plugins with the help of the platform. Not only do you get thousands of different themes, but you can also tweak them to your liking, having infinite possibilities to give your site the branding that people will remember. Plus, it has you follow Google’s guidelines to ensure that you always update your website according to what they need to allow your site to stay on top of SEO.
  1. You Have On-Page SEO
    WordPress is truly known to be one of the best platforms when it comes to managing SEO. Not only does it give you the wide range, but it makes SEO even easier, especially since we all know just how vast SEO is and how many factors there are to get that optimum ranking on search engines. WordPress offers simple solutions which have you manage basic SEO, even without any prior knowledge of coding and the like.
    The platform is able to create recommendations for your content and website to make it SEO-friendly, helping you improve your on-page SEO. Besides these awesome features, it can also handle XML sitemaps, robots.txt, among so many other factors!
  1. There Are Permalinks
    When you already got into WordPress and created your own website, you’ll be able to have access to permalinks. It’s just there by your dashboard’s setting area, where you can easily tweak all your URLs and create an excellent structure to optimize for search engines. It also makes it easier for you to track your posts and pages for SEO and when posting/searching. Easily customize your permalinks’ original words as you edit pages and blogs to keep everything simple.
  1. Easily Edit Title Tags and Headings
    If you’re not familiar about these tags and headings yet, this is actually a basic SEO requirement in your content. It’s not only what helps you get on top of the search results pages, but also in attracting potential viewers and making it a more readable, enjoyable post. Plus, it makes your posts easier to archive and place under pages for a navigable website. All you need to do is to place your content and end the various settings to early tweak!
  1. You Can Optimize Your Content
    With SEO, content is king in helping put your page or website on the map! After all, how would you be able to keep those conversion rates up if you don’t have the good content that would keep readers interested with your website?
    WordPress has a Visual Rich Text Editor, which enables you to easily adjust your text and hyperlink, as well as add tags. There are also other features it has to offer to improve your content and make it more SEO-friendly!
  1. Analyze Your Site Speed and Stat
    Once you’ve already published your website and content, it doesn’t stop there! You have to ensure that you also analyze your website regularly to ensure that it passes Google and your viewers’ standards. And one of the most important factors to analyze and improve on is your site speed. With WordPress, their themes aren’t only quick in loading but also mobile-friendly, optimizing speed while still having your website look great. This is thanks to their standard configuration and plugins.
  1. Many SEO Themes and SEO-Friendly Plugins
    I mentioned about themes when it comes to WordPress, and yes it’s true, they come with thousands of themes to choose from! Not only do they have various SEO-friendly and beautiful themes, but you can also choose from various plugins which can help make your page more SEO-friendly.
    Regardless of the purpose of your website, you can find SEO-optimized layouts and themes according to what you want, even tweaking them to your style and preference. Plugins like Yoast SEO are also there for you to make your website more efficient.
  1. Get Social Media Support
    Last but not least, WordPress comes with social media support, which increases your traffic from popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and even Google+. After all, it isn’t just Google you can get potential viewers and clients from, but social media, where many people spend at least once a day in. There are a lot of plugins and tools to integrate your social media accounts and share buttons from WordPress.

Wrapping It Up
WordPress holds a ton of benefits that any website owner needs when it comes to SEO. But of course, WordPress isn’t the main gateway to your SEO goals, as you also need the right strategies! With the proper tools and even SEO experts like JHSM Sydney, you’ll be able to reach a good ranking and be able to be noticed by millions who search for your services or products.

Hopefully, these reasons why WordPress is the ultimate choice for SEO helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and look into building your website on WordPress now!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences when using WordPress, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.