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If you are new to website designing on WordPress and want to get good quickly then we have just the right thing for you right here. WordPress is the number one content management system (CMS) which is being used by thousands of businesses every day.  It helps you to create your own platform and customize it in a way that suits your needs best.

Here we have gathered some few pointers for beginners in WordPress. Read through all of them to have a heads up in setting up and managing your website.

1. SEO plugins are Crucial

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. This technique allows your site to rank higher in the search engine. It doesn’t matter how good your content is or how much work you have put into themes and random plugins, if the site appears lower on the search engine. If you want more people to land on your website and want a huge site traffic, SEO is essential.

They are many helpful SEO plugins available for you in WordPress. We suggest you use those plugins and see for yourself how this simple and easy feature in WordPress can make your site grow faster than ever.

2. Always View Theme Demos

Now this is important because your theme is usually the first thing that comes to notice when someone visits your site. So, choose your theme wisely. The different WordPress tools like free WordPress theme checker can help you identify what wordpress theme is that and it can help you identify almost all WordPress websites themes as well as the plugins.  A theme with random and excessive plugins makes your site slower and hence undesirable for your customers.

One thing you can do is to view theme demos before choosing your site theme. This allows you to have a better idea on whether to use that theme for your website or not. Choosing the right theme which suits your product and services is important and you should never underestimate its importance.

3. Reduce Image and Video Size by Compression

A site that loads fast can impact greatly on the amount of traffic and number of page views per session. If you have a platform that loads slowly and takes up more time than it should, it can cause frustration for your potential clients which is not a good sign for your business. 

One way to make your site faster is to compress the videos and images you are posting. Compressing can make your post much smaller in size and thus it loads quickly. There are a lot of free online image and video compressors available. Tools like optimizilla and ImageResize etc are great in terms of reducing image sizes and you should definitely check them out.

4. Never Ignore Updates

WordPress updates are important. They make your platform secure and immune to hacker attacks and malware issues. Updates usually appear after each 2 to 3 weeks and we advise you to not miss out on any of those. 

You can visit WordPress dashboard anytime and see there which themes or plugins need updating and with just a simple click you can make your site more efficient.

5. Get rid of Useless Plugins

As we know there are literally thousands of WordPress plugins available for you without any cost. Hence it has been observed that most website creators add useless features and plugins which don’t seem to have any link to the content of your site. Make sure to make your site clutter free by using only the suitable plugins. You should also look for the old irrelevant posts and remove those also. 

Again, a cluttered site is often considered as a poorly managed platform and can cause significant damage to your project or your business. Thus, it’s better to handle that while you still have time.

6. Take Full Security Measures

Website security should always be your top priority. One way to keep your platform secure is by updating it on a regular basis. Another thing you can do is to add additional security plugins. Always back up your website content on tools like cloud storage. 

Keeping your website secure and to avoid hackers it is absolutely essential that you work on this aspect as much and as often as you can. Because nothing could be more terrible for a beginner site developer than losing his content to malware or hacking. With these few tricks however, you can keep your site and content safe and intact for a long time.

7. Avoid Using Excessive Plugins

Plugins are what add functionality to your platform. They provide features necessary for your platform. Now although plugins are essential, just don’t go overboard and use countless plugins. Only install plugins that are crucial to the options related to the product or services you are offering.

Using aimless plugins can make your website slow and less efficient. Make sure your plugins work well with theme of your website. It is always better to read user reviews related to the plugin you are considering for your site. It can save so much of your time and energy.

8. Pay Attention to The Comments

Comments are a great way to interact with your potential clients and customers. They help in community building and the growth of your business more than we give them credit for. But the comment section is also a major target of spammers.

With WordPress you can manage which comments to appear on your site and which to discard. You can go to the setting and there select manual approval for the comments on your page. This will send you an email each time someone comments and thus you can instantly decide if that comment is relative to your product and services or not.

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