7 Best WordPress Typography Plugins That Will Make Your Site Awesome

Typography is one of the most important design elements for all kinds of websites. In this article, we are presenting some of the best WordPress typography plugins available. This will help users enhance the appearance as well as the performance of their interfaces. When it comes to web development, people prefer the open source platform because of its user-friendly features. Many existing website owners conduct migration processes like PSD to WordPress theme conversions to access the CMS. They can enhance the user experience of their interfaces by improving the readability of their content. This will encourage visitors to spend more time on the website. The following plugins will help website owners improve the typography of their interfaces.  

1. Easy Google Fonts

People can simply add custom Google Fonts to their websites with the Easy Google Fonts plugin. It integrates with the WordPress Customizer so that users can preview all fonts in real time. The product which gives access to more than 600 Google fonts is compatible with all themes. It allows subscribers to create custom font controls and rules in the admin settings. This means that these controls will become available in the customizer without any coding. It is a highly secure product and is compatible with all major browsers.

2. Styleguide – Custom Fonts and Colors

Website owners can easily edit fonts and colors without needing to input any code with the Styleguide plugin. It has compiled 45 of the best Google Fonts to make selection easy for users. The tool supports all WordPress themes by default. It also supports fonts that have a range of different sets of characters. This makes it ideal for users working with scripts like Devanagari, Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, and Vietnamese. This open source product allows developers to add support to their themes or add more fonts.

3. TinyMCE Advanced

It is essential to have complete control over all aspects of typography. Users must be able to modify every single element to create a visually appealing text material. TinyMCE Advanced is one of the best WordPress typography plugins available to people. It gives them access to numerous options for modifying things like Font Family, background color, tables, font size etc. People using the visual editor will love this plugin as it will extend the editor’s functionality. Once activated, it splits the toolbar into 4 rows presenting more options to the users.

4. CodeColorer

CodeColorer is a useful product for technical websites and bloggers. It helps in enhancing the presentation of code related content. It uses the GeSHi library and allows users to insert code snippets with attractive syntax highlighting. The product supports most major programming languages of the world.  It comes with an intelligent scroll detection feature for code blocks. Shortcodes are displayed in small blocks while long ones will appear in blocks with pre-defined height and scrollbar. The product comes with a set of attractive color themes for customizing the code.

5. Simple Pull Quote

Experienced bloggers know the value of pull quotes. These excerpts or key phrases of an article and placed prominently in the layout helps attract readers. Most website visitors scan content rather than read it and pull quotes help in encouraging them to read. This helps in increasing the time visitors spend on a website. The Simple Pull Quote plugin users to insert such phrases in their posts and pages. They can use the visual editor to create pull quotes. The task can also be done manually by using shortcodes.

6. Text Hover

Many people like to add hover text to their content. This helps visitors to understand key terms or the nature of a link without leaving the page. The Text Hover plugin lets users add tooltips to a text of their choice. They have to simply choose the content that will be displayed on hovering and the plugin will do the rest. They can change the case settings of the hover text and enable it for comments.  

7. Zeno Font Resizer

Zeno Font Resizer is a helpful tool for improving the user experience of a website. It can enable visitors to modify the font size of the website text. The plugin uses JavaScript and jQuery to fix the font size. Website owners have to configure the settings to choose the text on which resizing is to be enabled. Once a person uses the feature, the setting will be saved in a cookie. When that person revisits the interface, the text will be displayed in the same font size.


These are some of the best WordPress typography plugins which must be used to make the website text more visually appealing. This will help improve the user experience of the interface and attract more traffic.

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