5 Web Design Trends You Should Keep in Mind While Creating Your Company’s Website

For any company to make a profit in today’s world, digital presence is extremely essential. Several companies have set foot in the world of digital marketing a long time back, but many of them have outdated websites which do not present themselves well on smartphones. Every company needs its own website, which is built based on latest UX and UI norms to build the right brand image. Here are a few web-design trends you should keep in your mind while designing your company’s website.

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1. Responsive Design:

This is the first and most popular design topic you get to hear. We have also placed it first, as it just cannot be ignored. With so many screen sizes and gadgets available, the website you build has to be able to adjust its layout based on the screen size without effective the quality of the site. For more Paypal Stealth Account.

2. Mobile First Layout:

Statistics have revealed that around 60% of users’ browser websites on their phone. This implicates that while creating a website, focus on the mobile design before you get into the desktop design. This changes several design theories as the mobile site needs to be light and free of complicated elements which you use for desktop website. Remember to keep it light, clean and informative for ease of access and legibility.

3. Minimalism:

Another hot topic which is not just limited to web building but even to our lifestyle is minimalism. If an element is not needed, just delete it is what minimalism is all about. Adding unnecessary colors or design elements is outdated now, instead focus on presenting the content clearly with a clean design which does not let the readers distract from the actual essence of the site.

4. Cross-Browser Compatibility:

This is a basic thing any developer should look in to and still it is usually missed by many. Checking compatibility with the latest browser is essential, but beyond that make sure that the site is compatible with outdated and older versions of any browser as well on all devices.

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Companies cannot just put up a website and forget about it. If it is an e-commerce website, they need to update the site regularly with the latest products. If the site is just for information, the content needs to be updated on a regular basis. You will also need to use analytics to analyze the site’s traffic and figure out how you can reduce the bounce rate. In fact, AI cal also be used for the company’s benefit by analyzing board analytics, which offers the deepest corporate governance dataset combined with AI market analytics to deliver insights that can benefit the board and in turn your company.

AI chat box is usually added so that customers can easily reach out to you. Instead of hiring employees to answer to their queries, setting up AI chat box will help in streamlining the general queries so that manual effort can be reduced.

Honestly, the pointers we have mentioned above are really common and basic, which is why it can be easily overlooked by many. Make sure to implement all of them in order to create a user friendly yet impactful company’s website.

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