5 Ways to Create Connections with Your Marketing Team

The field of marketing is always evolving and changing. This keeps it exciting and allows people to stay on top of their professional game. If you have ever worked in the marketing field you know that it is basically impossible for one person to do all of the marketing for a company so you usually work with a team. This team can be comprised of a variety of people from SEO experts to content creators and the success of the company depends on how well you can work together with your team. Great marketing teams do not just happen, they take hard work, good leadership and a special kind of vision. Creating a solid team is not rocket science but there are resources and tools you can implement to create some synergy within your group of employees.



Most people groan when they hear the word meeting. Meetings can be productive and are a great way to communicate with everyone on the team. This allows everyone to be on the same page and know what goals are being worked on and how they will be accomplished. It also allows people to understand what roadblocks team members are having and see where they can help out if they have some extra time on their hands.



This can also sound silly but they will make the world of difference when a new member of the team comes on. There are a lot of different activities that you can do with your team. Some of these activities include team building, trust, and time management activities. These activities are so important because they get your employees out of the regular work day and allow them to interact with other members of the team that they may not see on a regular basis. If you work in an office environment it gets everyone out of their desk.


Show You Care

Having a full time job is hard work whether you are doing manual labor or sitting in an office. There is a lot that goes on and it is easy for stress to build up. Life does go on outside of work and health and family problems can arise. Allowing for a decent amount of days off and vacation time allows for your employees to not burn out. Other items such as flat tires, being late and life in general should be taken into consideration when planning attendance policies or rules.


Set Goals

It is a lot easier for a team to work well together if there is some sort of common goal that everyone is working towards. If employees are asked to do something but they do not know the why it can be hard to get the work done. When employees know why they are doing something they can get excited about the task which makes work more enjoyable for everyone.


Setting goals can also inspire people



Any employee wants to be trusted by their employer. Being micromanaged is miserable for both the employee and the managers. There are many ways that show you trust your employees and not micromanaging them is a great way to start. Another good way to show trust is to talk to them directly if there is a problem that needs to be discussed. Trusting your employees means that you do not think the worst of them or that they have bad intentions. This may mean changing your mindset and changing some company policies but if that means your employees feel trusted it will make a world of difference at the workplace.