5 Ways 2019 Will Change B2B Marketing

Even if your marketing strategy succeeded in the past, technology, markets, and trends continue changing. Therefore, B2B marketers must update their strategies to stay relevant.

In other words, the marketing tactics that helped you win this year may not work well for you in 2019. To keep pace, learn the following ways that the coming year will change B2B.


1. Community matters


Not too long ago everyone in the B2B marketing industry was looking out only for themselves. After all, security was a major concern so they wanted to make sure that no one could steal their accounts. However, that mode of operation is changing.

Right now, almost one-quarter of marketers are focused on building relationships with the community. In 2019, this trend will increase as marketers adopt new steps to promote themselves within the industry.

Increased engagement in the business community also means that marketers will have more exposure to their competitors. So far, the tradeoff seems like a profitable one that you should make. By building a reputation as a friendly, approachable marketer, you will build a large audience.


2. Video will Dominate


Marketers in every industry will need to embrace video to succeed in 2019. At every stage the customer journey, you must ensure that you have high-quality video available to promote your business.

Even though you sell to other businesses, you still have to deal with people who love to learn visually and like to be entertained. For these reasons, You will almost get better results by publishing a combination of text-based and video content.

You can easily create video content using the cameras on your smartphone or computer. If you need additional equipment, try using security cameras to create funny in office videos or you can use the security footage as inexpensive B-roll footage. Also, insist on creating videos that supply valuable information to your audience in creative ways.


3. AI is mandatory


Machine learning and artificial intelligence took the marketing world by storm in 2018. In the coming year, you’re going to need AI just to stay in the game. After all, these technologies are automating many tasks that formerly were labor intensive.

In addition to boosting the productivity of marketers, AI is improving the quality of their work. For instance, artificial intelligence engines can uncover relationships between numerous data points that previously were impossible to discover.

Machine learning technology already powers customer service chatbots and predicts what upsetting opportunities will resonate with each individual buyer. This technology can work especially well for B2B companies that need to manage long buying cycles.


4. Blended roles


The days where marketing departments worked in their own little world are over. As B2B firms look to increase their effectiveness while reducing expenses, they are blurring the roles of the marketer.

In 2019, companies will continue increasing the scope of marketers to include human resources management, public relations, and information technology. Having all these groups work together can improve communication and collaboration throughout your organization.

This trend makes sense. After all, you must market your company to job candidates, create cross-channel brand identities, manage their reputation, and attract customers. All these critical tasks can benefit from marketing expertise.


5. Account-based marketing


Rather than depending on inbound tactics for lead generation, B2B businesses are turning to account-based marketing (ABM). This approach narrows the target of your marketing operation from the company level to strategically selected targets within that organization.

When you engage in ABM, you go beyond targeting a specific business persona to which you would like to sell. Instead, you actually focus on personas within targeted businesses. By building relationships with key individuals, you can amplify your influence on buying decisions.

ABM requires marketers and salespeople to closely work together to develop and nurture relationships with their targets. So, in 2019, you might be focusing more on the influencers behind each lead rather than on the lead itself.

Ultimately, the pathways to growth as a B2B company are almost unlimited. However, you can maximize your potential in 2019 by embracing the above changes.

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