5 tips to Write a Good Instagram Caption


So, what are characteristics of a good caption on Instagram?

Well, in simple words, a good caption is the one which offers context, describes personality and inspires the audience for taking action.

There are various sizes and shapes of a good caption on Instagram, from sweet and short to long and deep stories. Usually, if an audience is engaging with your story caption, you are fine!

It is an amazing way of thinking about it. Whatever is your goal, you are needed to think of captions as a mean of adding the value. like, how to add value to the audience, how to add value to the post, and how to add value to the brand?

Seems difficult? Well, it is not!

The main reason that people find it hard to write a good caption is that they tend of doing it with one fly, which is not real.

A better approach is scheduling of posts beforehand and then taking out time for writing the captions when you feel creative.

Following are few tips for writing the better captions on Instagram:

    Create a Call-to-Action within the Instagram Caption

A simple action of adding CTA in the caption and inciting the audience for engaging or commenting can work long for driving high engagement on the posts. Obviously, you don’t need of including CTA in each of the captions, but an excellent CTA can work wonders for inspiring the followers for engaging with you both outside and inside of the Instagram.

For instance, you can ask the followers for taking action by tapping on bio link, purchasing your product, answering the question, tagging the friends, using the branded hashtag etc.

Somethings for keeping in mind while writing the CTA is to use the action words such as stop, start, learn, join, and so on, for prompting the followers to perform something. You must also think of turning your CTAs into the questions by using 5 Ws (what, why, when, what, and where) as a mean of encouraging the followers to make comments!

For creating the CTAs in the captions, you only require of asking the likes on Instagram https://smmpoint.com/buy-instagram-likes/ to perform something after they have read the caption. You can ask simple questions, tag their friends, tell about the holidays, or their comments on your new product.

 Use a Consistent Voice in the Instagram Caption

Other than the clear tips about using the proper spelling and grammar, another most significant part of the good captions is the cohesive brand voice.

And at the end, what is most important is the consistency: The Instagram captions must feel and sound like the remaining parts of the marketing channels.

If you have just started with the Instagram and searching the ways for developing the new voice, one of the best ways would be to look at other accounts!

Make a list of the top Instagram accounts (along with other accounts that belong to your industry and business vertical) to see if their brand voice aligns with yours. After finding some of the voices like yours, mix them up for creating your brand voice which resonates with the audience and has consistency

  Use Emojis in the Instagram Caption

While you don’t use emojis for drawing attention to the CTA, you can make use of emojis for adding personality into the Instagram caption. Also, you can add multiple emojis ta the start of the captions for catching the attention of the followers using a little number of colors, thus they wish of clicking for reading more, or you become able of replacing the whole phrase with the emoji. If you only add emoji at end of the Instagram caption, this will make the caption more inciting to the followers – because everyone loves the good emoji!


   Add Mentions into the Instagram Caption

Mention the handles of Instagram users because it can easy method for giving back to the community of Instagram and sharing your Insta-love! these mentions can be an excellent method of connecting with other users and for promoting one another in front of the audience.

Any moment that you post the images with other brand or person includes their handles in the captions also, instead of only tagging them into the photo. After then, your followers will discover their own profiles also!

   Disclose the Sponsored Posts

As the Instagram influencers are recently getting into trouble for not having post sponsored disclosed, it is very important to get transparent regarding when you get paid for promoting your product or business.

It is vital to add “#sponsored” or “#ad” on any of the posts which are certainly sponsored, and do this before shortening of caption occurs, thus near the start is the best.


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