5 Tips for Choosing the Best Tri Suit for Your Next Triathlon

Tri suits are apparels that are designed keeping triathlon events in mind and they have proven to generate better results than normal clothes. They are comfortable and anybody can afford these and improve the quality of their game manifolds.

There are a huge number of stores that offer tri suits but we advise you to not go to any one of these randomly, instead take your time to consider all the important things that make a tri suit good or bad.

Following are some of the main things to consider when buying the best triathlon suit for yourself.

1. One or Two-Piece Tri Suits

This depends on your preference mainly. Both these types of suits have their plus and negative points.

Two-piece suits come in more variety and help a lot in training or in the races that are particularly long and you have to use the toilet more than one time.

On the other hand, the single-piece Custom Tri Suits USA are more flexible and aerodynamic. They don’t have many seams which keep your body safe from rashes and irritation. You can have both these types of suits custom-made as well.

2. Quick Drying

This is very important especially while you are biking and running, that your suit dries quickly. If it stays wet for longer, it can add extra weight to your body and slow you down.

Make sure the suit you have chosen offers wicking action i.e., the liquid of the suit dries quickly with capillary action. This makes the water and moisture vaporize at a faster rate gives you the much-needed comfort.

Using a hydrophobic suit instead of generic ones ensures you stay ahead of the competition and that your hard work really pays off.

3. Size and Fit

It is best to try out your suit before making a purchase. The tri-suit should be longer from the back and short and tight from the front since this helps a lot in your running and biking.

You must know your correct chest, hips, and waist measurements and consider your weight factor before going with a particular suit. Doing all this will ensure that you end up with the most appropriate tri suit for yourself. One that gives you comfort, enough freedom of movement, and helps in your speed.

4. Aerodynamic Properties

This factor is among the most important ones and people often seem to forget or ignore it and then get themselves in tough spots. You need your tri suit to be such that it helps you overcome drag, and gives you more speed instead of restricting your movements.

If the event is not in some particularly cold area, you can go with half sleeve shirts since they have fewer seams which makes them more aerodynamic. Another thing that might affect your performance is a flapping race number.

It is really not a good idea since it can directly impact how comfortable you feel while the race. If you are in some longer triathlon event, make sure that you are wearing a tighter and flexible suit.

5. Some Useful Features

Some other things that you need in your tri suit are quality padding in the posterior region for biking, SPF and UV protection, temperature control, back pockets, flatlock seams to reduce chafing, and gripper or hems, etc.

A suit with all these features is sure to make your event more successful and allows you to have a comfortable experience while minimising the risks of injuries and losing. Make sure the suit is able to bear changes in temperatures and reflects sunlight to keep your body temperature normal.

 Final Words

So, keep all these things in mind while buying your next tri suit and we guarantee you will see a drastic improvement in yourself and you will feel more confident and in control as a result.

Do not make money the deciding factor while making the purchase instead consider all the above things first and make your decision accordingly. We consider everything before hiring any routine service like Kemp load Balancer or any technical service. Consider the same facts and feature about choosing the right tri suit from the right brand.

Understand that these suits can be a bit expensive but they last longer and are worth your every penny.

We hope with this information you find the best tri suit for yourself as soon as possible and have the best triathlon experience ever.      

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