4 Ways to Use WordPress for Marketing

Businesses need websites for very obvious reasons. The most notable of these reasons is the fact that websites are effective marketing tools. If your brand is selling an innovative product or service, a website can help you put your offers front and center and get people to buy them. It’s because of this that websites have become an important component in the sales funnels of modern-day businesses.

Using WordPress, you are able to access features designed to help your business with its marketing activities. To help with your promotions, you will need to understand how you can fully harness these features and use the right approaches that translate to sales and growth for your business.

Let’s take a look at the five ways you can maximize your WordPress site for better conversions and revenues in the long run.

  1. Get the right plugins

WordPress supports numerous plugins you can use to optimize your site and improve its performance. Installing Yoast, for instance, allows you to create quality content with high SEO value. If you’re planning to include a lead capture form, you can use the Contact Form 7 plugin to seamlessly create a simple and straight forward fill form that generates a lot of opt-ins. Lastly, you can easily set up a virtual store using the WooCommerce plugin. It offers a range of customization and integrations that lets you optimize your sales funnel.

  1. Use long tail keywords

Organic traffic should be a key performance indicator for your website’s performance. People who visit your website through search engines are more likely to buy something from you because they are looking for specific products and services using certain search terms. You just have to leverage these search terms by including them in your website’s content. For best results, opt for long tail phrases containing two or more words. The longer the key phrases you use, the more targeted your website, and the more likely it is to increase organic page visits.

  1. Improve site authority through link-building

Site authority is crucial since it allows the search engines to prioritize your business. One way you can go about this is to get an SSL certificate, choose a great domain, and create relevant and unique on-site content. But a more effective way is getting links to rank better in Google. The aim is to build quality links in your content and make sure they redirect to a specific landing page. With web-pages rich in quality, links to your WordPress site would be better equipped to rank higher in the search results.

  1. Expand your reach through social media

When it comes to increasing the number of site visitors for your business website, you may as well diversify your traffic sources. Along with organic search, you may also need to share your WordPress content across social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This allows you to generate quality referral traffic which contributes to your site’s conversion performance.

WordPress is a powerful tool business can leverage in order to increase sales and build an audience. Using the right strategies, you can improve your site’s performance for the best value!

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