4 Crucial Steps To Select WordPress Developer

WordPress powers the greatest chunk of all online existence. With a massive share estimated at 33%, WordPress paints the picture of a giant that needs to be approached with appreciation and friendliness. This is to mean that by utilizing the potentials that WordPress brings forward, it is possible to run a successful business online.

It may sound easy, but in practice, the technicalities involved might be overwhelming. One needs to take a careful and informed approach in order to tap these possibilities. Choosing a good WordPress developer is one sure way of starting a successful online journey. Here are a few tips on how to go about it.

  1. Know Your Needs First

The buck stops with you! This should be the guiding mantra for you to succeed on the WordPress voyage. What do you want your WordPress template to look like? What do you want to use it for?

These two questions will allow you to pick on a developer who exhibits the skills and competencies that you want to reflect on your WordPress page. For instance, if you want to incorporate interactive video, photos, and graphs for your blog on food and cooking, the developer will employ a different set of skills from a person who simply intends to do a personal journal through write-up. Ultimately, the complexity of your needs is a key factor in choosing the right developer for your WordPress page.

It is therefore advisable that you evaluate the long-term use of your blog before engaging a developer. Developer knowledge may range from basic to highly skilled and experienced, but your needs lay the foundation of what you really want to achieve.

  1. Portfolio and Background/Skillset

How knowledgeable is your developer? This is a critical question and you have several ways to help evaluate a developer’s competencies.

Start with their experience. What they have done before, whom they have worked with and any ongoing projects are a good way to get you going. The bottom line is that you can treat this as an interview for any other job. You will thus need to understand the developer’s personality and ability to achieve exactly what you want to be done.

Even if the developer hasn’t handled the exact kind of work you want to be done before, their previous tasks will help you gauge their level of knowledge and abilities. This is instrumental in shaping your website in a unique way.

One of the things to bear in mind is that you are entering a competitive field and you have to do everything possible to stand out. This alone should motivate you to take your time and choose a developer carefully.

Consider these two elements: There are people who are self-taught and through experiments, falls and rises, they learn so much that they have a lot of knowledge to offer. There are others who have formal training and experience and still able to execute the job professionally. Whereas these may just be part of the parameters you may use to pick a developer, passion, dedication, and teamwork would make better strategies of picking out a developer.

  1. Pricing

How much are they charging?

Pricing is always a key consideration in any undertaking and it can be given a number of approaches when it comes to internet transactions. A price that is too high might be detracting even when the developer demonstrates likable competencies. A price that is too low again may also cast doubts in the final outcome. However, it helps a great deal to conduct some research and find out what the market offers locally and internationally.

In modern times, the internet offers places you in a good position to choose from a wide pool of services providers. You can hire a developer who sits miles away from your geographical location and still have your WordPress blog done in an amazing way.

The bottom line here is to work within a given budget, whether you are an established entrepreneur or just beginning, it will help to understand what the market price ranges are for negotiation purposes. It is also a good way of rewarding work that is well done and one of the reasons why sketchcorp is the choice for many users.

  1. After Sale Support

Pay close attention to this aspect of website development.

Every good vendor makes a great effort to offer his clients support even when the initial deal is closed. Think of it this way; you would be more comfortable trading with a car dealership that allows you frequent visits for general servicing or even sophisticated specialized fixing from time to time.

This scenario should also apply when selecting a WordPress developer. But what exactly are you looking for?

Support services for internet-based businesses may differ significantly. However, like all other products they need frequent maintenance and updates as the ecosystem keeps on changing. For instance, you may want to change your initial template as your business grows. Can the developer go back and do that? Other aspects including your web hosting service. Your developer should be in a position to advise you on a web host who can make changes such as increasing the size of your cloud storage facility.

To understand the need for after-sale-services better, imagine what would happen if your WordPress blog goes down for one reason or another. It might adversely affect your business. Although in some cases, these challenges can be sorted out quick in the background, some of them need technical intervention and that’s when where your developer comes in. To safeguard your interests, put that clause in the contract so that you have a legal backup.


The popularity of WordPress as a primary player on the internet has led to the rise of great enterprises through its powerful tools. However, it takes deliberate effort to appropriately unleash the potential of WordPress. A good developer should help you capture that if you both read from the same script.

Importantly, ensure that there is an agreement clearly outlining the developer’s obligations as well as your obligations before, during and after the entire creation process. With just some little research, it is not too hard to settle on an awesome developer who will bring your ideas to life.