3 Simple Steps to Starting a Profitable Online Brand and Business (solostream.com)

It seems like everyday we hear about a new self-made millionaire thanks to the power of the internet. This can be from a new startup going public, someone creating an app, or even as simple as bringing their creative ideas and concepts to life through the use of a new website or blog.

It doesn’t matter what type of story is in the news today. What matters most is that you are taking action to build a success story of your own. Everyone has a million dollar idea, it’s just a matter of putting in the time, work, and effort to make it happen.

To help you get started on this journey, today we will walk through three simple steps for launching your own online brand or business of your own.

1 – Map Out Your Brand, Audience Focus and Revenue Model

Starting a website or blog is easy. Having a successful website or blog that gets a lot of traffic and makes money is not.

With this in mind, it’s important to understand why you are creating an online business in the first place, how it’s going to provide value to your audience, and how it’s going to make money at the same time.

Most people will jump right into the site design and content creation aspect, without ever thinking about these options. The more you know about your potential business and audience, the more likely you are to see results and profitability in the months to come.

To help with this process, one could even create a business mind map. This not only helps with the original concept of your business model and growth, but also brings out new ideas as you maps everything out.

To get started, here are a few simple questions to ask yourself on day one.

  1. What is your business model and direct forms of monetization and revenue?
  2. How are you going to compete against the competition, and why will an audience find more value in your site/service than what’s already out there?
  3. Where are you going to focus most of your content promotion and advertising? (social media, SEO, paid marketing, word of mouth)

Again, the more detailed you can answer these questions now, the better off you will be in the long run.

2 – Choose a Reliable Hosting Solution with WordPress Hosting

When running a business on the internet, you will soon find out that not all web hosting solutions are the same. While ‘shared hosting’ plans are often good enough for anyone just getting started with a site of their own, you might want to consider better options when it comes to running an online business or having a high-traffic site that is actually making money. A great way to think of it is like this; let’s say your site is updating to the latest version of WordPress and something happens and brings your site down. Would you rather be using a rinky dink $5 a month hosting solution, or one that might cost a few dollars more and specialize in WordPress and having superior customer support? The answer is obvious.

With WordPress running more than 30% of the sites on the internet today, more sites using this CMS to run their online brands and businesses than ever before. If your business is reliant on WordPress, shouldn’t your web hosting be as well?

To make this process easier, you can run through any of the top WordPress hosting reviews sites found in Google or reach out to any respected website owners or bloggers you follow and ask who they are hosting with. Even WordPress has a list of their own recommended hosting, which includes names like Bluehost, Dreamhost and SiteGround.

At the end of the day, most of these higher-end solutions have WordPress-dedicated hosting plans in place, while also providing the necessary support and upgrade option to grow alongside your business.

3 – Promote, Promote, and Promote Some More

With the foundation of your blog in place, and knowing exactly who your audience is and what type of content/service they are looking for, the last step in the process is getting traffic to your site.

This is easier said than done. With WordPress making the process of site creation and development easier than ever, the internet is loaded with content like never before. The more content on the internet, the more competition for your site to wade through.

SEO and search engines will always have their place and value, but this can be a long and expensive journey as you will have to compete against aged websites that may already have thousands of links in place. Social media and paid advertising are two of the best options for getting traffic to your site right away. Through the use of pay per click marketing, social media ad campaigns and media buying, site owners can spend just a few dollars per day in online advertising and start seeing hundreds of clicks to their sites daily.


To see what’s currently working for other top entrepreneurs and brands, view this list of millionaire bloggers that are utilizing all of these methods to reach new audiences daily. One they’ve mastered one traffic source, they’ve moved on to another to further grow and scale their reach and businesses in size.

Not all traffic sources will work for your site. This is going to take time and a lot of testing to see what works best. Hence, this is where the real value in long-term SEO and search traffic will show its face.

No matter what your plans are for increasing traffic to your site, always explore different options and see what’s currently already working for your competition.

Use the Power of the Internet to Launch Your Business

That’s it! These are the three simple methods that are required to get started with an online business and brand of your. At the same time, these are three areas where many would-be entrepreneurs and site owners fail to put in the time and effort before launching their sites.

Like we mentioned earlier, it seems like an easy process (and it is), but to actually compete and stand out from the crowd, it’s going to take a lot of time and effort. Don’t get discouraged, and always treat your online business like a real business. This is where most people fail and give up too early on their entrepreneurial dreams.


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