3 Plugins To Password Protect Your Entire WordPress Website

The business owners do not want the people to access every blog, web page, article, etc. of their WordPress website. The big reason is people want to keep a few things private and display only the significant ones. The Password Protection of the entire WordPress website is the most asked question by the users. If you are also searching for more accessible tips, then this detailed information is going to guide you in a better way. Moreover, the business owners can also take the professional services from WordPress website development company that possesses the team of specialists to fix any issues.

Essential Plugins To Password Protect WordPress Website

The addition of WordPress password protection to your website does not require any login or signup. The users can block access just by putting a simple password on any of the posts or webpage. Moreover, it is useful if your website is under construction or development, and you want authentic users to access it. Many plugins can help in protecting your website through password but let us now take a sneak peek into the vital ones.

  1. Hide My Site Plugin

This plugin provides excellent solutions to protect your WordPress website against search engines and the public. While the site owner checks the setting box and enables Hide My Site Plugin but it works beyond this too. This plugin helps the users to stay logged in for a particular time. So, the present user can re-access the site until the pre-set time lapses.

The WordPress website owners can leave a password question or hint for users to access the website and remind them of the application of the password. But, if you are afraid that the hackers can hack it, then you can leave the clue or question section empty and only provide access to authentic users.

With the help of this plugin, you can let your website be accessible to admins or the users using the specific IP address. Moreover, the Hide My Site also renders Brute Force Protection so that the hackers cannot hack your website using the Brute Force method. Furthermore, this plugin also helps you to display the notification to the users that the particular website is password protected or you can give a customized message as well. Although Hide My Site is a power-packed plugin, still there are a few enhancements required as listed below.

  • Improvement of UI

  • No protection provided to file attachments and images

  • If users can trace the URL of the media files, then it can be accessed or downloaded

  1. Password Protected Plugin

This plugin helps in protecting your entire WordPress site with the help of a single password only. You can give the password to the authentic users as they can access the site without registering as a user. They will be able to scroll through the categories available on your website that are password protected. Moreover, if you are developing your site, then you can provide the password to the authentic developers. This way, the owners can get custom WordPress development services from the specific developers.

The users who will be using your website will get a front-end WordPress login page, and they have to enter the correct password to view your website. The site owners can install this plugin through:

  • Choose Plugins from the WordPress Dashboard head

  • Now, add new and search for ‘Password Protected’ Plugin

  • Locate the Plugin, Click on Install Now and then Activate

Then, click on Settings, then on Password Protected to access through the Plugin settings and enable the box that is provided next to the “Password Protected Status.” You can choose to allow the Administrators or Logged in Users. Even you can allow specific IP address users to access your website. After all these steps, the users need to write the password twice along with the New Password and click on “Save Changes.”

The site owners can keep their RSS feeds public even if their website is protected. This plugin is the most popular Plugin used by the developers and WP site owners. But, there are a few downsides to this Plugin that are it comes with an outdated UI and password protection is provided with limited options with no versatile features.

  1. Password Protect WordPress Plugin

This plugin also provides overall password protection to your entire WordPress website. With this, you can protect your blog posts, customized posts, web pages, etc., except the media files. The password used is encrypted under this Plugin that means it is not at all visible to admin as well as the authentic users. If you forget the password, then you need to reset it. Moreover, the WP site owners can show the “landing page” or “coming soon” pages to the user instead of the login page that will exhibit the privacy of the site.

This Plugin also has the expiration of the time feature, but you can change the duration on the setting page of the “Password Protect WordPress Plugin.” This Plugin also possess many advanced features along with the ones discussed above, and they are:

  • You can set multiple passwords per post or page.

  • Each role of the user can have distinct passwords like one for the editor and one for the subscribers.

  • The server-side caching and caching Plugins conflicts can also be resolved with the help of the Password Protect WordPress.

  • It can be integrated with the “Prevent Direct Access Gold” for blocking the URL access to media files like PDFS, images, or videos.

  • This plugin has advanced UI, and it is relatively easy to use too.

However, this plugin is new to most of the users, and there is no option to customize the Login Page.


The WordPress plugins mentioned-above work as the full-proof protection of your WordPress website. You can use them to protect your posts, blogs, web pages, online store, and much more. Although, there are a few cons to these plugins, overall, they provide excellent user experience and protection too. The WP site owners can take expert advice from the WordPress website development company to get a deep insight.

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