11 Reasons Your New Business Website Should be on WordPress

Approximately 74 million websites from all over the world use WordPress to publish new content every second. That’s why it isn’t surprising to know that it powers up to 30 percent of websites on the internet.

This content management system (CMS) has been quickly growing in popularity from tech-savvy users to more novice ones.

Why? Because it’s both simple and powerful to use. Therefore, it’s a perfect platform to use especially if you’re starting a new venture.

If you’re still deciding whether or not to switch, here are 11 ultimate reasons your new business should be on WordPress now.

1.    Wordpress is an open source software

It doesn’t matter if you own a personal blog or a commercial website. The fact that it doesn’t charge you a single penny (it’s free to use) and can be installed on any website host is a huge advantage.

Because it’s an open source software, it allows you to improve and build on the source code, allowing you to customize your site’s look and functionality.

It gives you the freedom to modify, use, build upon and redistribute in any form that you like.

2.    It’s easy to use

Another reason why people love WordPress is its simplicity. The CMS is user-friendly, making it ideal for newbies who want to put up a website on their own.

Not to mention, the platform is highly intuitive. It’s easy to get a basic site up and running while looking presentable.

If you want to do something complex, then it might require some reading on support forums and online other conversations.

However, if you’re a new site owner, setting a functional website up in just a few minutes is enough.

3.    It’s incredibly customizable

It’s possible to make your website look anything you want through a customized theme. You can utilize one of the many themes it provides or purchase premium themes provided by third-parties.

By purchasing a one-time license, you’ll gain access to detailed documentation and pre-set layouts. Moreover, you can add certain features to make your site perform and function in the way that you want it to be.

It’s versatile enough to cater to your needs via its extensive features and extensions.

4.    It’s SEO friendly

Do you know that the most popular search engines like Google prefer websites that are powered by WordPress? Mostly because its framework is easy to crawl.

Google and Bing tend to rank sites that use WordPress higher from the ones that don’t. Google’s Matt Cutts even personally endorsed it way back in 2009.

According to Local SEO Search, a company that offers top SEO Services in Calgary, “WordPress offers you several solutions to help you outrank your toughest competition on search engine results. It has plug-ins and default features that let you monitor your analytics to drive a significant amount of traffic to your site.”

5.    It has tremendous scalability

WordPress is installed to your domain directly. So all you need to do is to pay directly for your domain and hosting. A scalable WordPress site can improve the capacity by scaling up and scaling out.

  • Scale up: Enhances the power of the hardware ( i.e. a more powerful RAM and CPU).
  • Scale-out: Improves the capacity by adding more nodes or having copies of your site that are identical, distributed among several machines.

6.    It’s mobile responsive

If you think that most of your site visitors are using laptops and desktops, think again.

Mobile usage is on the rise, with approximately 60 percent of online searches these days coming from mobile devices.

So if your website isn’t mobile-responsive, users will skip your site and look somewhere else.

The good news is a lot of WordPress themes are designed to be mobile-friendly. Meaning, users will be able to conveniently access your site via their mobile phones.

Also, the WordPress dashboard is designed to work with mobile phones as well, just like in laptops and desktops. That way, you can conveniently manage your site anytime, anywhere.

7.    It has easy social media integration

Users can conveniently post comments on your site by using their accounts on social media. Moreover, WordPress makes it easy for users to search and connect with you using their social media accounts.

8.    It has multi-user capability

If you’re not the only person running your site, WordPress makes it relatively easy to assign different access roles to different users. This means that if you have a team, all of you can work on your tasks without interrupting someone’s login session.

Here are some of the roles:

  • Super Admin: Has complete access to the site’s extensive features.
  • Administrator: Access to WordPress’ admin features.
  • Editor: Can publish, approve, and remove posts from other users.
  • Author: Can publish and manage their posts.
  • Contributor: Can write their posts but relies on the admin to approve them.
  • Subscriber: Edit and views their profile.

WordPress’ multi-user capability is ideal if you run a blog and accepts guest contributions to the majority of the time.

9.    It’s secure and safe

Because WordPress is popular, it has also caught the interest of hackers. Another reason why a lot of people love WordPress is that the developers are enforcing strict security features to ensure that it’s secure and safe to use.

As a result, they are able to preserve their user’s trust.

Not only the WordPress employees are regularly updating the CMS, but they’re also updating the plugins that integrate with it.

But of course, you should still exercise extra caution and only download plugins that come from trustworthy sources. Especially if you logged into WordPress directly.

10.    It has an interactive community support

Tons of websites use WordPress. Therefore, it isn’t hard to find excellent support for your questions, queries, concerns, and needs.

There is solid and interactive community support that you can easily find on the Internet. From Youtube channels, WordPress Codex, and WordPress experts, there isn’t going to be a single problem that doesn’t have any solution!

An active and generous WordPress community has emerged to provide support, encourage an exchange of ideas, and making the CMS better for everyone. It’s also possible for you to connect with this community in the official WordPress forum.

11.    Wordpress is constantly upgrading

The last thing that you probably want to do is to invest in something outdated and will last only for a few years. The good thing about WordPress is that it can handle up to 10,000 pages. So if you have a site that’s less than that, then it’s the perfect option.

As the years go by and your site evolves, later on, you’ll be able to build brand new themes for your site. Thus, making it fresh, modern, and compelling for site users.

Also, WordPress is constantly adding new features. The developers are making new plugins, and programmers have added new features making your site easily customizable.

Overall, it’s getting better and better. It keeps on improving as the years go by.

Over to You

The bottom-line is, if you want to have a professional looking site, and get results, then WordPress is your go-to CMS. It’s easy to set-up and maintains. Aside from that, it will be your best choice especially if you’re not code-savvy and you want to set up an excellent site.

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