10 Ways How to Make Your WordPress site Mobile Friendly

Today, having a mobile-friendly WordPress website is imperative. Many people use mobile devices as opposed to using desktops or laptops. This means a lot of search queries is done on mobile devices a lot more than other devices. Therefore, if you want to remain relevant in a highly competitive business world, you need a website that can be accessed on mobile.

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What’s more, the number of people using mobile devices across the globe is constantly on the rise. You can tap more clients and make them loyal by following these simple steps to making your WordPress site mobile friendly.

1. Introducing Mobile Friendly Themes

It is vital that you introduce mobile friendly themes on your WordPress website. Generally, WordPress embraces modern design trends. Therefore, using mobile-friendly themes will hook more users to your page. To achieve the best results, choose themes that will help you to save on cash. Alternatively, seek help from a WordPress website development company for more mobile friendly theme ideas that work best with your website.

2. Make the most of Plug-Ins

Take advantage of available Plug-In options on WordPress. This is much more important than just having a good website design. Here are some of the options you can explore.

  • WordPress Mobile Pack is an amazing Plug-In that allows you to customize different features including visuals. You can create and edit posts to match your needs.
  • The pouch is an incredible Plug-In available in two versions, premium and free. It allows you to display your websites content on a mobile device friendly theme.
  • WordPress Mobile Edition allows clients to access the content of your website on a mobile device interface.
  • Mobile Press is a simple and free plugin that comes with an array of themes for different devices.
  • Jetpack is another common plugin that offers an array of options and tools that a WordPress website can benefit from. With the plugin, you can use a simple, efficient, clean and reliable mobile theme

3. Reduce Graphics

Graphics can make your website attractive and appealing on a desktop or a laptop. However, for mobile viewers, it is recommended that you reduce the number of elaborative graphics. A few graphics can load fast on a mobile device hence, making your website more appealing to your target clients. It also increases your brand visibility.

4. Quality Content/Text

The quality of content or text plays a significant role in determining how compatible your website will be on mobile devices. Choose your text wisely. Reduce the amount of text on your website and ensure it is relevant content. It should fit on a mobile device’s display and is readable.

5. Mobile App Development

Through mobile apps, you can reach out to many clients and your potential website users. Today, there are many clients who are settling for mobile apps and not mobile websites because apps are more interactive, efficient and quite popular amongst many individuals.

To get the best app, you need to choose a trusted WordPress website development company. There are also many reputed android and IOS app development companies that can help you to work on an app that meets your business needs. With a mobile app, you can make your WordPress website mobile friendly.

6. Simple and Interactive Design

A simple and interactive design is the way to go. Avoid complex graphics and a lot of colors on your website. Too many texts and photographs can also put off potential clients. While they may look great on a desktop, a lot of graphics on your WordPress will appear cluttered on a mobile device. Therefore, ensure your website’s design is simple, interactive and can load faster.

7. Do not Use Flash

Often, when designing a website, most people pay attention to desktop users and not mobile users. A mobile website is a real deal today. Businesses and financial transactions can be completed on mobile devices including tablets and mobile phones. This is why you need to avoid flash because it works best on desktop websites and cannot run on mobile.

If you have flash on your website, it will be hard to capture a user’s attention. Most websites with flash cannot open on mobile and it makes your website undesirable to use. As such, pushes away existing and potential clients.

Instead of flash technology, it is recommended that you use HTML. Hyper Text Mark-up Language allows you to create a mobile-friendly website that can be displayed efficiently on desktop and on mobile devices. It is assisted by great technologies including JavaScript languages and Cascading Style Sheets.

8. Media Queries

Media Queries has proven to be a great feature for WordPress websites. It allows you to display your website, its content and other vital features on a mobile device seamlessly. It works by asking the device its size and easily directs the browser to display the WordPress websites content accordingly.

There are many mobile-friendly sites today that allow you to configure your website based on the type of devices used by clients/users. Consequently, using media queries allows you to have a quality, exceptional and an attractive website on any mobile device and not just the popular models.

9. Go for Premium Themes

WordPress offers free and premium themes. Free themes come with limited themes that are not very responsive. However, paid themes are more responsive, more appealing and with great designs. When you purchase premium themes, you get access to their codes so that you can make your WordPress website expressive, impressive and mobile friendly.

10. Mapping

Mapping is an effective way to add an extra and useful domain to your WordPress Website hosting account. The beauty of mapping is that you can always add and create a separate domain for mobile use. Allow your users to access your website on mobile by simply using the domain. This is one of the most efficient methods that has proven to be quite effective and beneficial to businesses that have made their websites mobile friendly.

Mapping is also vital if you want to make your website easily accessible on desktop and mobile. With that in mind, you will agree that mobile devices are an integral part of today’s daily living. To remain relevant, start by employing these tips to make your WordPress website mobile compatible or mobile friendly.

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