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How to disable Gutenberg?

Posted on Dec 26 2018 by kalpesh in Blogs Blogs and Blogging Gutenberg WordPress 

What is Gutenberg  in terms of WordPress? Johannes Gutenberg was a German blacksmith known for inventing the mechanical movable type printing press. His printing press has been widely considered the most important invention of the modern era because it profoundly impacted the transmission of knowledge. Invented around 1439, Gutenberg’s movable type printing press initiated nothing less…


First Post with WordPress 5.0 [Gutenberg Update]

Posted on Dec 06 2018 by kalpesh in Uncategorized 

Many of us aware there are free and paid editor in the market to make sure we feel very comfortable during creating content or writing post. Gutenberg comes with whole lot of features and easy to use.  Gutenberg is the newest editor in today’s date which roll out with WordPress 5.0 update. It was named…


Setup pingdom to monitor your website uptime. FREE Website Monitoring Tool

Posted on Nov 27 2018 by kalpesh in Blog 

Get notified of site availability issues Knowing when your site is unavailable is critical to any business. That’s why Pingdom will immediately alert you in a way that suits you via email, SMS, push notification to your mobile device and integration with your favorite app! Before alerting you we always perform a second check on…



Posted on Nov 19 2018 by kalpesh in Business Creative Wordpress Themes e-commerce How to sell online Premium WordPress Themes 2019 | Solostream WordPress 

Image source: WordPress is an open-source, free, and a safe and secure content management system. The data from W3techs suggest that WordPress holds 58.55% of the total CMS marketshare which ensures the dominance of this CMS on the web. This is no surprise that presently around 30% of the internet’s websites are powered by…


How do I migrate my WordPress website?

Posted on Nov 17 2018 by kalpesh in Premium WordPress Themes 2019 | Solostream Wordpress Blogs WordPress Hosting WordPress Themes 

How do I migrate my WordPress website? Overview  STEP 1Prepare the existing WordPress website for migration  STEP 2Prepare the new WordPress Hosting package with BizzGang for migration  STEP 3Start the Migration process Overview This article describes how to migrate WordPress website using the Duplicator plugin. The Duplicator gives WordPress users the ability to migrate, copy,…



Posted on Oct 12 2018 by kalpesh in Free Themes Free WordPress Theme Freebies 

Zeke 1.0 + Widgets is a 3-column, widget-ready WordPress theme. It’s built to work with WordPress versions 2.2 and above.

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