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Universally Accepted Web Design Laws to Improve Usability

Posted on Aug 09 2019 by michaelkellynjn in Blog Blogs Blogs and Blogging Uncategorized Universally Accepted Web Design Laws to Improve Usability Good web design is not just about adding pretty pictures to the site. A designer understands how the human mind perceives visual information and works on those principles to achieve an easy-to-use website design which communicates the brand message effectively. There are a few universally accepted…


How to Make Extra Money on WordPress While You Are Studying

Posted on Jul 29 2019 by Presley Johnson in Blog WordPress 

In the modern world, a lot of people earn good money on WordPress. Students do so as well. It is no surprise as there are dozens of ways to make extra money online. Below the most effective ones are described. They do not require a lot of time or a tight working schedule, so you…


Top 5 Premium WordPress themes from SoloStream

Posted on Jun 28 2019 by kalpesh in Uncategorized 

i)  WP Flat Easy and sober design which serve your purpose and fits for business, organization, gallery or even Portfolio and personal blogs. The main features includes. Responsive Design In-Built Horizontal Sliders with full width and text Home page with options for full width and side bar Gallery and Blog option on the home page…


What are the top 5 questions to ask when you choose the premium wordpress themes?

Posted on Jun 18 2019 by kalpesh in Blog Blog - Premium WordPress themes by SoloStream LLC Blogs Blogs and Blogging Business Development Content Marketing Responsive WordPress Themes Uncategorized 

Everyday there are new website are publishing over the internet. Majority of the website uses WordPress as we all know its popularity and easy to use with more than 15000 plugins and many of them WordPress Premium Themes. It takes many efforts to choose the right theme provider as WordPress theme is one of the…


Best way to clean up your WordPress website and Blog

Posted on Jun 10 2019 by kalpesh in Blog Blogs Security WordPress Security 

There are numbers of plugins are available in the WordPress directory but so far ELI GOTMLS is one of the most efficient every time along with other precautions. Its like the job can not be done without running it. I have been webmaster for many years and most of my clients are having the WordPress…


The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your WordPress Blog for Google

Posted on May 04 2019 by Presley Johnson in Uncategorized 

If you have a WordPress blog, you likely had an easy time navigating the setup and operation process. However, optimizing your site for higher ranking in Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) may be more difficult. There are basic SEO strategies that you should implement, like the following: Creating high-quality content Writing in a conversational…

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