The Content Management System (CMS) has indeed taken the online experience to the next level. You will agree with me if I say that this is one technology that was most inclusive, taking even the most naïve internet user to feel like a pro.

Yes, owning a website or a blog was never so easy, and that too with a full choice of website designs available in the form of such attractive themes. But, not just this, CMS gives you the ease of incorporating any future changes to the website with equal ease.

Many reputed CMS are leaving a mark and have created their place in the market, like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magneto, SquareSpace, Wix, etc.

Each one has its strengths and pitfalls, but users with so much awareness are at an advantage to choose from so many different features offered by them. You can compare the plans, add-ons, choices of themes, security features, etc., and choose the one that best meets your requirements.

Among these CMS, WordPress has taken the topmost position today. Observations made from the statistics collected by W3Techs (Source: out of the 10 million topmost visited websites worldwide whether they use CMS or not, 41% use, WordPress platform. Another crucial statistic reveals that out of the websites that use CMS, WordPress has a big market share of 64.7%.

Even though WordPress is the most popular among users, it also tops the list of most targeted CMS by hackers.

From the research data collected by Sucuri(Source:  ), out of the total websites that were hacked, WordPress websites were the most hacked, with a major share of 94%  So, is WordPress not a safe CMS platform for the users? No, that’s not true.

Many factors make WordPress websites the most targeted ones by hackers. Firstly, WordPress is used by such a whopping number of website owners, and the array of various plug-ins used by them and their vulnerabilities make these websites prey to hacking attempts. Secondly, bad security practices and lack of internet knowledge contribute a lot to these data breaches.

However, WordPress is an open-source platform, and a big community works around it to fix any vulnerabilities if and when they are discovered. WordPress has a very competent team of developers who keep on updating and releasing new versions of WordPress, patching up all the vulnerabilities, and trying to be ahead of any future potential cyber threats.

So, what can we do to protect our WordPress websites from these hacking attempts? Here are some very useful and effective WordPress security hacks that will help you secure your website from the cyber threats that we face today.

Use HTTPS for Encrypted Connections on Your WP website

Keep your WordPress website secure by using an SSL Certificate. SSL Certificate secured websites use secure protocol HTTPS instead of HTTP and establishes a total encrypted connection between the user’s web browser and the webserver.

Since all the user’s web browser and the web server interactions are encrypted, it protects the vital user information from fatal data breaches carried out by cyber attacks like Man-in-the-middle attacks. In addition, SSL Certificates give full protection to your admin and login credentials from getting hacked.

A visual trust icon, padlock, gets inserted before the website URL, which boosts visitors’ trust and helps build a long relationship with them.

SSL Certificate also authenticates the WordPress website and saves visitors from fake websites, possibly inserting malicious code into the system files.

SSL Certificate secured websites also get an advantage of improved ranking in the Google Search Engine Result Page. Hence, harnessing better visibility to its credit results in a better conversion rate.

SSL certificates can be bought from many reputed SSL Certificate providers in the market like Comodo, RapidSSL, DigiCert, and many more.

Comodo enjoys a lot of popularity and trust from the users as it offers an array of choices of Cheap Comodo SSL Certificates catering to different security requirements and budgets. Select one that suits your needs the most and take your website security to the next level.

Make An Informed Choice For Your WordPress Hosting

Investing in a good hosting provider with a strong security strategy in place is crucial. First, investigate and do fair comparisons among the different hosting providers in the market for the security features being offered, reliability, plans, add-ons, and then only make an informed decision.

Look for security features like DDOS Protection, continuous malware scanning, automated backups, regular software updating, including an operating system, security software, WordPress, etc., to prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities in the older version.

Do not forget to check for WordPress support and whether it has a WordPress firewall in place. The host should have a system in place for managing WordPress websites and accounts. The server must support an architecture that helps prevent cross-contamination of websites from one infected one to the adjoining one on the same server.

Last but not the least, choose a reputed web hosting provider, this way, you will ensure reliable and fast service, in addition to maybe, getting free SSL Certificate security as a part of your plan which the ones with a very good reputation are mostly offering these days.

Always Use Latest PHP Version To Secure Your WP website.

You must pay attention to the version of PHP used by the Hosting provider as the version being used does affect the smooth working of your WordPress website.

Running your website with the latest version helps you protect your website from cyber threats and improves its performance. On the other hand, older versions only make your website vulnerable to targeted cyberattacks.

Every PHP version enjoys validation for two years and gets full support for any security issues or patch updates during this period. Unfortunately, PHP 7.1 and below no longer gets security support and running on any of these versions will put you on a lot of security risks.

According to WordPress stats (Source: ), more than half (57%) WordPress users are using PHP version 5.6 or lower and together with PHP 7.0, 77.5% of WordPress users are running on PHP versions that are no longer supported. So imagine the risk that we are exposing our WordPress websites to.

Protect Your WP Account With Strong Passwords and Usernames

It is crucial to protect the login credentials of your WordPress account from hackers because if they get through the admin account, they can cause serious damage to the entire WordPress website by infecting your configuration files with malicious code. Hence it is always advisable to use strong passwords and usernames.

Choosing strong and long passwords, a mix of upper and lower characters, numbers, and special characters can help protect your login credentials. It is equally important to change the default username ”admin”, as it can be a very easy guess for any hacker to hack into your website. For WordPress security, you must change it to a new username and assign all the old posts to the new username. It is also advisable to delete the older admin account from the website.

Changing passwords from time to time and limiting the number of login attempts can help you foil hacker’s brute force attempts to crack your login credentials and strengthen your WordPress Website security strategy.

Be Consistent With All Your Software Updates

It is vital to update your WordPress website to the newest version released and getting all the vulnerabilities of the older version patched so that you can build protection against the ever-evolving and complex cyberattacks.

The updated version helps you improve your performance and, at the same time, enhances the user experience. Updating the various plug-ins and the themes installed on the WordPress website should be given equal importance. Any unused plug-in, with its vulnerabilities, can become a big reason for the entire website falling prey to cyber-attacks. Hence such plug-ins should be immediately deleted.

Use Of Two-Factor Authentication Is A Must

Two Factor Authentication becomes an essential part of a strong WordPress security policy in the middle of such complex cyberattacks. The 2f authentication essentially consists of a two-step verification process.

The first step consists of verifying the Password/Username. The second step involves verifying the login, say by sending a verification code to your email or phone. There are few two-factor plug-ins available, popular as DUO Two-Factor Authentication, Google Authentication, etc.

In conclusion, keeping a close watch on the security health of your WordPress website and having a regular WordPress security check will always help you remain ahead of any potential cyber threats. Now that you have a complete insight into the most effective WordPress Security tips, you have to incorporate them into your daily security practices, and you are all set to take your WordPress website to a new level of secured environment and best user experience.

When it comes to API development, testing your product is an absolute must. After all, even the most proficient development teams are prone to making errors both big and small, and developers should practice due diligence in checking for errors before the final release.

However, this does not mean that companies can haphazardly run random tests and assume all is working according to plan. Some of the most debilitating errors occur in places where developers least expect it. This tends to happen because of a failure to conduct the right kinds and numbers of tests during the development cycle. Unfortunately, improperly tested or untested areas can lead to disastrous results.

This is where the importance of test coverage comes into play. In this phase of development, teams must be able to determine what exactly they are testing, the amount of testing done, and the effectiveness of the tests conducted. This can be accomplished using data gathered by a comprehensive API testing tool for developers, which will allow them to:

1. Determine if the API can perform its basic requirements.

To set a sound foundation for test cases, teams should be able to determine the main purpose of the API. No matter how sleek or speedy the product is, if it is not able to meet the end-users’ expectations, then it has failed on a fundamental level.

This can be likened to the testing of, say, a writing pen. If the end-users require it to use black ink, filling it with blue ink will immediately be considered a failure to comply with their requirements.

A similar concept applies to API testing, where the build should be able to match all the end-users’ requirements. Hence, developers should regularly consult the requirement document and make sure that the API is on the right track.

2. Pinpoint crucial aspects of the API that may have been overlooked.

While it’s important to make sure the main requirements are functioning correctly, developers should not concentrate solely on those features at the expense of everything else, either.

Going back to the example of testing a pen, one should not be focused only on its ability to dispense ink correctly. It’s also important to check whether its current form makes it comfortable to hold for long periods of writing, among other things.

In the same vein, developers must also identify other aspects of an API that may not immediately come to mind but are equally as relevant to the end-users’ experience. For instance, is the API able to run simultaneously with other APIs? Are error messages easy for end-users to understand and troubleshoot on their own?

3. Identify any possible risks that could negatively impact performance.

Developers often make the mistake of only putting an API through its paces based on ideal test cases. The thing is, it is just as important to factor in any potential risks that the API may be exposed to.

To compare this with the metaphor of pen testing, it may work fine when tested in a controlled environment, such as while writing on a desk. However, it may not have been tested for use in areas with warmer climates or while on a plane. Higher temperatures or a change in air pressure may cause the ink to leak, ruining the user’s bag, purse, or shirt without warning.

Similarly, APIs may break in certain scenarios that were not accounted for. For example, an API may run normally with an ideal number of users but may break if an unexpectedly large number of people access it at the same time.

By keeping these sorts of possibilities in mind, test coverage can help teams uncover any major vulnerabilities in the code, preventing an API from failing in the first place.

Even a single fatal error can make or break an API’s success. Thus, if a company wishes to keep customer trust, maintaining a high standard of quality should be a top priority. Test coverage ensures that no stone is left unturned, resulting in a stable and reliable final build. By regularly conducting comprehensive testing both manually and automatically, API designers can cover all their bases and prevent major issues from occurring.

Moving your website to another host can be an overwhelming and unpleasant experience, but it doesn’t need to be.

Numerous individuals are looked at with the need to move to another host due to issues with their present provider and have sufficiently had. Yet, very frequently, moving to an increasingly dependable host is deferred consistently because of a fear of committing an error and damaging your site(s).

To get around the issue, individuals will either pay an expert to move their site for them, locate another host that offers the service as a component of another hosting package or take the third choice of having a go at it themselves.

Stage 1: Back up your site records

The absolute initial step of any task, for example, is to back up each part of your site. This progression is acceptable practice before any significant change yet it is additionally a requirement of moving your WordPress installation.

There are numerous plugins out there that will completely backup your website for you. This backup, be that as it may, requires an increasingly manual methodology. Utilising an FTP program, (for example, Transmit), interface with your web host and duplicate all records under your site’s directory to a folder on your local PC.

This incorporates the .htaccess record that is set to be hidden. Consult your FTP program’s assistance document to have it display hidden records on the off chance that you can’t see this document.

Depending upon the number of media transfers you have on your site, this could take some time. While this download is in progress then we can start stage two and make a duplicate of your database.

Stage 2: Export The WordPress Database

Exporting your database is a simple procedure that just requires a couple of steps to finish. Sign in to the cPanel record of your web server and open the phpMyAdmin application. Select the database that contains your WordPress installation from the list on the left-hand sidebar and once choose click on the Export tab on the navigation menu.

Stage 3: Generate The WordPress Database On Your New Host Server

Before we can begin the migration to the new web host, we have to make a domain for a WordPress installation. To do this you should make a database that you can bring your SQL information into.

Login to your new web host with the client credentials they have provided you and associate with the cPanel software. For our guide, we will utilize the MySQL database application. In the event that your web host doesn’t have that application running, at that point you will contact their support team to find their strategy for making new databases.

The steps to make a database are very basic:

• Open MySQL Database and make another database with a fitting name for your site.

• Make another MySQL client (with a safe secret password).

• Add this client record to the new database and give it all Privileges.

Stage 4: Edit the wp-config.php File

Browse to the folder on your local PC where you downloaded your site records to. In that folder, there is a document called wp-config.php that controls the access among WordPress and your database.

Make a duplicate of this record and store it in another folder on your l PC. This is important for reestablishing the changes we are going to make should something turn out badly later.

Open the first form of the document with your preferred content manager and make the accompanying three changes:

1. Change The Database Name

2. Change the Database Username

3. Change The Database User Password

Stage 5: Import Your Database

As you have another database to work with we can start the import procedure.

Dispatch phpMyAdmin from the cPanel programming on your new server and select your new database from the list on the left-hand sidebar. When it opens choose the Import tab from the navigation menu.

In the File to Import area click the Choose File button and choose the SQL document you sent out previously.

Un-tick the Partial Import check box, ensure the arrangement is set to SQL and then click the Go button. The database import will currently start.

The time this import takes differs relying upon the size of your database. You thought to get a message advising you regarding the achievement of the import when it has wrapped up.

Congratulations.  Choosing digital marketing as a career is a great choice.  With digital transformation taking place across the world, as a digital marketer the opportunities for growth in your career are huge.

Whether you’re a high school graduate or already have a number of years’ experience in the digital marketing world, the value of a digital marketing certification will speed you forward into the exciting world of digital marketing.  This is a world that is constantly changing and evolving, so keeping up with the latest digital trends is non-negotiable, however, pursuing a career in digital marketing takes more than staying ahead of trends and new techniques.  The true value of a digital marketing certification will go a long way to set you up for your ideal digital marketing job.

Make sure your course is with an accredited provider

If you’re serious about bettering your chances in the digital marketing domain then the good news is that employers value employees who have certification.  To take this point one step further it’s worthwhile noting that most organisations prefer employing candidates who have completed their digital marketing courses at an accredited provider.

Digital marketing continues to soar

It was only a few years ago digital marketing started to be taken seriously by companies and as we move quickly towards 2020 it’s a fact that digital marketing is not only being used in organisations, but people are being employed to solely carry out the tasks allotted to digital marketing.  The days when digital marketing involved writing a blog or posting an occasional social media update are long gone.  A digital marketer is a full-time job with serious duties attached to it.

There’s no doubt that the digital marketing landscape has changed significantly since it’s early days.  Nowadays a business online depends on successful digital marketing techniques to be seen online and keep up to its competition.   In fact, digital marketing is now the most powerful form of marketing.

Better your career opportunities

If you’re building a career and taking on the expense of a digital marketing course and you are committed to dedicating the time it takes to complete it, then it makes good sense to make sure your certification is of value.

Competition for digital marketing jobs is fierce, so make sure you stay ahead of the pack by knowing the true value of certification.  You can better your career opportunities by arming yourself with a certificate of a digital marketing course with specific emphasis on digital skills that are in high demand, for example, pay-per-click advertising or social media management.

The difference between hard and soft skills

You should include a comprehensive list of both your hard and soft skills in your cv.  A prospective employer will take both into account when considering your application.  Here’s a brief break down of hard and soft skills.  The most important thing to do when including both sets of skills is to make sure they are relevant to the job that you are applying for.

  • Soft skills– Soft skills are often described as personal qualities of an individual that are not learned such as life skills, for example, interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Hard skills– Hard skills refer to the physical skills needed to do the job, such as technological skills for a digital marketer.

Don’t shy away from personal branding

Any successful digital marketing professional will know how to market any brand online – including yourself.  With the remarkable advance of social media, it’s now possible to find almost anyone anywhere in the world online.  Now that leaves a lot of your life exposed.  For this reason, it’s imperative to ensure that your online presence and personal branding are top quality and above all really shows off your digital marketing talent.

Your certification will work for you

Employers are looking for digital marketing professionals who have completed a digital marketing course that is up to date, which is on-trend with digital marketing and relevant.

Now you understand the importance of obtaining a valued digital marketing certification from an accredited provider, it’s also important for you to make your certificate work for you as employers are searching for real-valued certification within the digital marketing course industry.

It’s difficult to accept that only 53% of small companies as of now have a website. In all honesty, an amazing 19% of small to medium organizations guarantee they decided not to have a website to avoid the expense of designing a website. What the greater part of these small companies don’t understand is that it just takes under $100 to set up and launch a website.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true! You can purchase a domain name, website hosting, install WordPress and purchase a pre-designed WordPress theme to set up your website within a couple of moments. Just for under $100. Ask yourself this: Would you spend $100 to set up a dazzling looking WordPress website and extend your business on the internet or do despite everything you think it is excessively expensive?

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is the best content management system (CMS) accessible today. This software allows you to effortlessly create, edit, manage and distribute content on your website without adapting any programming at all.

In spite of popular thinking, WordPress isn’t only a platform for blogging. You can also utilize WordPress for business websites, construct eCommerce websites, set up professional portfolios and much more.

Why use WordPress? There are numerous advantages to utilizing WordPress to develop a website. Here are only a few.

  1. Save A Ton Of Cash

For the most part, it costs around $2,000 to $25,000 to hire a web developer, who designs a custom HTML website. Include the yearly hosting charges and support expenses to that and you’ll end up spending your whole marketing budget on building your website.

This is the reason increasingly more small to medium organizations are currently picking WordPress over custom develop HTML websites to get their business on the internet.

There’s been a long discussion that began a WordPress versus HTML fight. In spite of the fact that, in actuality, settling on a decision among WordPress and HTML is simple.

In case you’re a massive corporate brand with a major promoting spending plan, hiring a design firm to develop a custom website for your organization will make sense.

WordPress, notwithstanding, is best for private companies that are starting up. Since it’s moderate thus simple to set up that even somebody with no website design information can develop a website.

  1. Develop Any Kind Of Website You Want

When discussing WordPress, the main thing that comes to our mind is blogging. Yet, WordPress can do a great deal more. From business websites to informal organizations and many more, you can essentially assemble any kind of website utilizing WordPress.

  1. Cut Out The Middleman

Maintaining a website includes a ton of work. You need to keep your website up to the most recent standards, optimize it for smartphones, execute great security to avoid hacker attacks and increasingly significant, adding new pages and content to your site.

With a custom developed website, you’ll need to hire a web designer to deal with this kind of work. These designers don’t come cheap. They will charge per hour.

In any case, WordPress doesn’t have that issue. You can refresh WordPress with a single tick, install security modules to ensure your website and even include and deal with all the website pages, all alone. Consider all the cash and time you can save.

  1. A great many Themes To Choose From

One of the fundamental reasons why individuals love WordPress is that the platform gives you access to a large number of delightful WordPress themes to develop any kind of website you need.

  1. The Capacity To Scale The Website With Plugins

WordPress plugins enable you to extend the functionality of your site.

Utilizing these plugins, you can make a contact page for your website, including a checkout framework, improve SEO, include an additional layer of security and even make landing pages, with only a couple of basic clicks.

  1. Arrangement Your Website Within Five Minutes

Installing WordPress is just like going for a walk in the park. You can truly set everything up and start dealing with your website in less than five minutes.

The most web has now offered a single-click install, which lets you install WordPress in a few minutes. Additionally, there are WordPress explicit hosting plans, where the hosting organization installs WordPress for you and lets you make a plunge directly into the WordPress dashboard to work on the website.

  1. It’s Beginner Friendly

You don’t bother with any coding information or website design experience to work with WordPress on the grounds that it tells the truth and apprentice agreeable UI that lets you deal with your whole website from a single dashboard.

Utilizing the Live Editor, you can include new pages, posts, and media onto your website. What’s more, you can visit the Appearance area to customize the vibe of your website by including another background, gadgets, headers, and menus too.

  1. Supports Mobile Devices

WordPress is completely responsive and supports every single portable platform and screen size.

Not at all like uniquely designed HTML sites, you don’t need to make a different form of your site for cell phones and tablets. WordPress themes come pre-optimized for smartphone screens, particularly when you purchase premium WordPress themes.

  1. Better Security

Need to add enterprise-level security to your website? It’s as simple as installing a plugin.

This article is all about the WordPress themes by Solostream.In this new year, you will get some latest version of the premium WordPress themes by Solostream. All the available WordPress themes of Solostream are updated in this year. Some themes are already updated and some are remaining. In this New year, Solostream is also going to publish some new and innovative WordPress themes.

All those WordPress themes are developed and design by the team of Solostream itself. As you know that nowadays WordPress is the most supported platform among the customers for doing blogging and CMS on the web. WordPress is generally favored by customers on account of its versatility and even more predominant features. Nevertheless, you know how WordPress work so well, the essential clarifications for this are its themes.

In spite of the fact that there are WordPress themes that you can use for free, you can’t get the position of the premium ones. Premium WordPress themes issue you with more capacity to customize than free themes, which will be more clean and basic. Keep in mind: the plan of your webpage should assist you with standing apart from different websites and establish a positive connection with your guests. Well-organized themes will likewise enable your website to rank well on significant web crawlers – this is useful, particularly in case you’re hoping to acquire traffic to your webpage

There are various varieties of themes are published by the Solostream itself. The themes which will provide by the Solostream will definitely help you to designs and develop websites related to fashion, Health, Trade, Shop, Corporate business, bookstore, etc.

Here are some samples of WordPress themes by Solostream:

A) Solo Heart V1

Theme Details

Responsive Design Framework

  • Simple and easy WordPress theme
  • Simple yet strong infrastructure
  • Easy to customize theme options
  • Simple to Read
  • Add Gallery Images
  • Strong Responsiveness

B) WP-Cosmetic

Theme Details

Responsive Design Framework

  • Simple and easy WordPress theme.
  • Simple yet strong infrastructure
  • Easy to customize theme options
  • Simple to Read
  • Add Gallery Images
  • Strong Responsiveness
  • To make simple and professional
  • WordPress website Custom widgets and easy to do changes from Admin Panel Theme Setting PHP 7+ compatible And Much Much More

C) WP-Solo-Opticals

Theme Details

Responsive Design Framework 

  • 100% Responsive Design with multiple layouts
  • Introductory product page
  • Introductory service page
  • Profile page
  • Appointment Page
  • Identical to Opticians and Eyecare services
  • Sobber design with side by side blog posts
  • CF7 Integration
  • And Much Much More


Theme Details

Responsive Design Framework

  • Simple and easy WordPress theme
  • Simple yet strong infrastructure
  • Easy to customize theme options
  • Simple to Read
  • Add Gallery Images
  • Strong Responsiveness
  • To make a simple and professional  WordPress website
  • Custom widgets and easy to do changes from Admin Panel
  • Theme Setting
  • PHP 7+ compatible
  • And Much Much More

E) WP-Premium

Theme Details

Responsive Design Framework 

  • Multiple Home Page Template
  • Mega Menu witha widget
  • Responsive Layout
  • Mobile Menu
  • Blog slider
  • Search
  • Inbuilt page builder
  • Custom sidebar
  • Integrated Mega menu
  • Multilingual
  • Sticky artistic main menu
  • Centralizeddesign
  • Blog with dates and carousel
  • Multi PHP Compatibility
  • Custom CSS
  • Style Panel
  • PHP 7+ compatible
  • Much more.

F) WP-Wisteria

Theme Details

Responsive Design Framework 

  • Simple and easy WordPress theme
  • Simple yet strong infrastructure
  • Easy to customize theme options
  • Simple to Read
  • Strong Responsiveness
  • Custom widgets and easy to do changes from Admin Panel
  • Redux framework
  • PHP 7+ compatible
  • And Much Much More

G) WP-Awesome

Theme Details

Responsive Design Framework 

  • Mobile app introductory website
  • 100% responsive with fixed header
  • Mobile Features presentation on the home page
  • Identical layout demonstrating the mobile screen
  • 4 footer columns
  • Mobile app download button
  • Multiple platforms for Android and IOS
  • Fast and easily customizable CSS
  • Theme Setting
  • Latest WordPress and plugins compatible
  • PHP 7+ compatible
  • And Much Much More

This article is about the audit of the WordPress themes by Solostream about premium and free WordPress themes and this article will guide you to recognize what should be possible with it.

SoloStream creates and plans a decent nature of WordPress themes for its own. As you probably are aware these days WordPress is the most favored platform among the clients for doing blogging and CMS on the web. WordPress is for the most part preferred by clients because of its adaptability and all the more dominant highlights. Be that as it may, you know how WordPress work so well, the fundamental explanations for this are its themes.

Premium WordPress Themes by Solostream

SoloStream WordPress Themes are not quite the same as others in light of the fact that the themes which SoloStream gives are their own themes. It implies this Premium WordPress themes and WordPress themes are planned and created by the SoloStream without anyone else’s input. They give you full help all through your lifetime. The WordPress themes of SoloStream are not accessible on SoloStream can be effectively utilized on your self-facilitated websites.

Premium WordPress themes are accessible to you once you purchase this Premium WordPress themes from our website. When you purchase our Premium WordPress themes then you can no compelling reason to make extra installments for that. You possibly need to make an extra installment on the off chance that you required to keep your Premium participation stay dynamic generally no compelling reason to make an additional installment. Regardless of whether you keep your Premium participation dynamic or not it doesn’t influence the themes that you purchase. And furthermore ready to utilize these themes as long as you need our full help.

Some samples of Premium WordPress Themes by Solostream


Theme Details

Responsive Design Framework

  • Option to change theme Color
  • WooCommerce ready
  • Natual WordPress Development
  • Easy to customize theme options
  • Ecommerce(Woocommerce) configuration
  • Compatible with most of the WordPress plugin
  • Fully Responsive
  • Social medial link in the header area
  • Home page slider changes option
  • Home page manage option

Ideal for

  • Trade industry
  • Trade inquiry listing on admin side also mail sending setting
  • Premium WordPress layout for performance and Efficiency
  • Backend site originpage builder Editor
  • Woocommerce
  • Treatments and various packages
  • Contact Form 7
  • Multiple widgetsfor footer
  • Php 7 compatibility

 2. WP-SoloOne

Theme Details

Responsive Design Framework

  • One page Layout
  • Mobile app introductory website
  • 100% responsive with fixed header
  • Mobile Features presentation on the one page
  • Identical layout demonstrating the mobile screen
  • Multiple platforms for Android and IOS
  • Fast and easily customizable CSS
  • Section Setting
  • Latest WordPress and plugins compatible
  • Php 7 compatible
  • And Much Much More

3. WP-SoloShop

Theme Details

Responsive Design Framework

  • Option to change the layout
  • WooCommerce ready
  • Various product filters including pricing
  • Natual WordPress Development
  • Easy to customize theme options
  • Ecommerce(Woocommerce) configuration
  • Compatible with most of the WordPress plugin
  • Fully Responsive
  • Social medial link in the header area
  • Home page slider changes option
  • Home page manage option
  • Login-Registration and my account feature for Woocommerce

Ideal for

  • Fashion & clothing industry
  • Premium WordPress layout for performance and Efficiency
  • Woocommerce
  • Treatments and various packages
  • Contact Form 7
  • Multiple widgetsfor footer
  • Php 7 compatibility

4. WP-Health

Theme Details

Responsive Design Framework

  • Center logo WordPress theme
  • Simple yet strong infrastructure
  • Easy to customize theme options
  • Health Department  Listing
  • Compatible with most of the WordPress plugin
  • Fully Responsive
  • Social Media and Quick contact information in the header area
  • In-built slider for text and images
  • Page Builder Enabled

Ideal for

  • Premium WordPress layout for performance and Efficiency
  • Multiple-use for Hospitals, Health Departments & Organizations
  • Treatments and various packages
  • Contact Form 7
  • Multiple widgetsfor footer
  • Google fonts compatible
  • PHP 7+ compatible

And many more Premium WordPress Themes are available to us.

Free WordPress Themes by Solostream

SoloStream can give you a variety of free WordPress themes which they can create and plan. So the themes which you get from Solostream free WordPress themes are not accessible anyplace because of the fact that it can just create and structure by the Solostream group itself. These themes are not duplicated from anyplace.

Some samples of Free WordPress Themes by Solostream

1) Simplicity

Simplicity 1.0 + widgets is a 3-column, widgets-ready WordPress theme. It’s developed to work with WordPress versions 2.2 and above.

2) Solostream 3-Column 

Solostream 3-Column 1.0 is consists of 3-column, fixed-width WordPress theme develop to work with WordPress versions 2.2 and above.

3) WP-Glory 1.0

WP-Glory 1.0 is a 3-column, liquid-width WordPress theme develop to work with WordPress versions 2.2 and above.

4) Killian – When You Want To Rock Your Site With A Free Theme

Killian is “killing it” with its sleek curves and professional-looking style. It is just what the doctor ordered and the price is FREE!


On the off chance that you as of late looked for terms like ‘free WordPress themes’, or comparative in Google, you will acknowledge there are in reality a lot of free themes out there. The best place to discover top free WordPress themes can without a doubt be the authority WordPress vault yet again there are now in excess of 5000 free WordPress themes there, which can surely make it a difficult activity for you to pick one. That is the reason, we have handpicked the absolute best free WordPress themes appropriate for various purposes like an individual site, blog, portfolio, shops, online stores, new businesses, business, travel locales, magazines, and so on. A portion of the themes recorded here are multipurpose subjects so they are reasonable for any sort of website. SoloStream can provide you a variety of free WordPress themes which they can develop and design. So the themes which you get from Solostream free WordPress themes are not available anywhere because it can only develop and design by the Solostream team itself. These themes are not copied from anywhere.

Would I be able to utilize a free WordPress themes for my website?

This inquiry frequently strikes clients when they are picking a theme. That is very evident as well. We have heard it a great deal: free stuff is pointless, low quality and many more. This is consistent with some degree yet we can’t disregard the way that free WordPress themes control a huge number of locales on the web. Free themes are regularly essential, basic, simple to utilize with the goal that they make the ideal platform for ordinary (non-coding) clients.

The best part?

Amazingly, there are some free WordPress layouts that give unique excellence, straightforwardness, and unimaginable client experience.

Premium themes can be unreasonably entangled for the normal WP clients. Some premium themes are loaded down with such a large number of highlights that you may never utilize on the off chance that you need to make a straightforward website for your business.

The following are a few focuses that let you know ‘YES’ to utilizing free WordPress Themes:

Amazing! It’s Free. – Basically, you get them for FREE of cost. Start your website regardless of whether you have restricted or no spending limit. Else, you will make great investment funds. Best of you!

Low quality is only a legend. – truly, free themes are utilized by more locales. In this way, in a way, they are increasingly steady as they have been as of now utilized by many website proprietors for various purposes as of now.

You can confide in some theme suppliers. – Below we have recorded themes given by rumored themes creators and organizations as it were. In this way, you can trust these. These themes are wonderfully structured, well-coded and all protected.

Freemiums are wonderful. – Most of the free themes these days are open market. ‘Freemium’ is the mix of FREE and Premium which implies a free themes with an exceptional variant. Move up to the premium themes form whenever in the event that you need more highlights or better help. Opportunity with freemiums is astonishing.

Furthermore, yes you can utilize free WP themes without even batting an eye.

Free WordPress Themes by SoloStream

  • WP-Gallery 1.0

A free WordPress theme dedicated to Photography. SoloStream offers WP-Gallery with responsive design and compatible with showcases and image portfolios.

  • WP-Solotimes

Multiple Sidebar with Revolution slider and WooCommerce ready.

  • Zeke

Zeke 1.0 + Widgets is a 3-column, widget-ready WordPress theme. It’s built to work with WordPress versions 2.2 and above.

  • Zeke(2-Column)

Zeke 1.0 + Widgets (2-Column) is a 2-column, widget-ready WordPress theme. It’s built to work with WordPress versions 2.2 and above.

  • Hottie

Hottie 1.0 + Widgets is a 2-column, widget-ready WordPress theme. It’s built to work with WordPress versions 2.2 and above.

  • Bosco 2.0

Bosco 2.0 + Widgets is a 2-column, widget-ready WordPress theme. It’s built to work with WordPress versions 2.2 and above.

  • Torn 2.0

Torn 2.0 includes Widgets which is of is a 3-column, widget-ready WordPress theme. It’s built to work with WordPress versions 2.2 and above.

  • Suhweet

Suhweet 1.0 includes Widgets is a 3-column, widget-ready WordPress theme. It’s built to work with WordPress versions 2.2 and above.

And many more themes are available in Solostream free WordPress themes. The most lovely, the most dominant and the most well known proficient WordPress Themes. We are certain that you need to attempt them.

SoloStream develops and designs a good quality of WordPress themes for its own. As you know nowadays WordPress is the most preferred platform among the users for doing blogging and CMS on the internet. WordPress is mostly liked by users due to its flexibility and more powerful features. But you know how WordPress work so well, the main reasons behind this are its themes.

Why SoloStream Premium WordPress Themes are different from others?

SoloStream WordPress Themes are different from others because the themes which SoloStream provides are their own themes. It means this Premium WordPress themes and WordPress themes are designed and developed by the SoloStream by itself. They provide you full support throughout your lifetime. The WordPress themes of SoloStream are not available on SoloStream can be easily used on your self-hosted websites.

The WordPress Themes of SoloStream is Design in a Responsive framework so that it can be dedicated customized by the users. Due to the fully responsive framework, these themes work very well.SoloStream mainly develops and sell their own design WordPress themes and plugins. Each and every development is supported by SoloStream With long life commitments to their users and make sure they receive regular updates.

SoloStream provides its user’s regular updates about WordPress themes.SoloStream WordPress themes are compatible with most of the WordPress plugins. It works well with all the plugins even though with 3 parties plugins also. All our Premium WordPress themes are compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

SoloStream Premium WordPress themes can be used on multiple websites as you like. Premium WordPress themes are available to you once you buy this Premium WordPress themes from our website. Once you buy our Premium WordPress themes then you can no need to make additional payments for that. You only need to make an additional payment if you required to keep your Premium membership remain active otherwise no need to make an extra payment. Whether you keep your Premium membership active or not it does not affect the themes that you buy. And also able to use these themes as long as you required our full support.


We can also provide you the facility to modify the theme as much you required. And this can not affect your themes settings. You can also able to translate your theme into your desired languages.  We can also provide you the facility to change the fonts, color and many more things by simply going to our built-in setting page. All our Premium WordPress themes are also SEO optimized. So, you can easily use these themes for your business purpose. If at any phase, during using these themes someone from the SoloStream support forum will happy to help you and provide you simple methods to overcome these problems. So, SoloStream will always ready to help you.


WordPress is presently the most preferred platform for blogging and CMS on the internet, mainly due to its flexibility and its powerful features. And the main reasons behind this are its themes. And its themes are highly customized and also allow you to design your own unique website. By choosing the perfect theme for your website or blog is a very important stage for the success of any online organization.
If you are a BLogger and you want to get high traffic on your blog then it can be possible by using different types of WordPress Premium themes for your WordPress blog. Presently, there are many WordPress themes are available to you and you have a right to choose from them which one is suitable for you. Although there are some Free WordPress Themes are also available to do our work. But free WordPress themes don’t have that much efficiency that WordPress Premium themes have.
WordPress Premium themes are provided you with more features and the ability to customize your layouts of the blog then free ones. And which tends to be more clean and simple. Remember every time the design and layouts of our websites should help you to stand out from other competitive websites, it also makes a positive impression on your visitors. A well-structured theme can also help your website to rank well on major numbers of search engines. This is very helpful to you especially when you are looking to gain more numbers of traffic to your website.
So, by knowing these features of the WordPress themes, now it is the time to begin the shifting to these WordPress themes.
Unlike WordPress, Blogger doesn’t give you permission to access multiple files that make up your template; instead of a Cascading Style Sheets file handles the appearance of the blog. You can import your WordPress theme into Blogger and then you can able to modify the CSS style for your Blogger blog if it is required.
There are various steps are included while fetching WordPress theme to Blogger:
Step 1:
Sign in to your WordPress website and navigate to the dashboard. Haul to the “Appearance” panel and click “Editor.” Select “style.css”. Pull your mouse over the entire style sheet, then right-click and select “Copy” from the context menu.
Step 2:
Log in to the Blogger and click the “Design” button under the name of the blog that will behold your imported WordPress theme. Click “Edit HTML.”
Step 3:
Scroll down to the location in the document where the HTML header is separate from the CSS style sheet, which looks something like the following:
/ Use this with templates/template-twocol.html /
Right-click on it and select “Paste” to paste in the WordPress style sheet.
Step 4:
Drag down your mouse over all of the text below the end of the WordPress style sheet that you just pasted in and press “Delete.” Alternately, you can right-click and select “Cut” if you want to save this text in our drive for further use in the blog. Paste it into a text document and save the document on your computer for further use.
Step 5:
Look at your Blogger blog in a new tab or window to see the style attributes of the WordPress blog applied to Blogger.

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