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Video: How to Use WP-Elegance to Make Your WordPress Home Page Look Like a Business Website Rather Than a Blog

Posted on Apr 19 2011 by Alistair Barnett in Video WordPress 

We recently upgraded WP-Elegance to make it more useful to folks who want to use WordPress as a business website rather than blog or online magazine. In this short video, I show you the exact steps that will transform your WordPress home page into a business home page rather than a blog home page. You…


WP-Elegance – Premium WordPress Theme

Posted on Mar 30 2011 by Alistair Barnett in News WordPress 


Escape From WordPress Post Editor Prison With Windows Live Writer

Posted on Dec 02 2010 by Alistair Barnett in Blogs and Blogging Reviews Software WordPress 

I Love You WordPress, But We Gotta Talk WordPress is a phenomenal web-publishing platform, and I love using it. Mostly. There’s one thing I seriously dislike about it though – writing posts within the WordPress dashboard. If I had a dime for every time I’ve walked away from my computer feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by…


New WordPress Theme: WP-DaVinci

Posted on Nov 23 2010 by Alistair Barnett in News Solostream Affiliate Program WordPress 

WP-DaVinci is out latest offering to the premium WordPress themes world, and although it may not appear so on the surface, it’s far beyond anything we’ve put out in the past. WP-Davinci is our first attempt at creating a WordPress theme framework. A theme framework is similar to a standard WordPress theme, except a framework…


How to Create WordPress Custom Navigation Menus

Posted on Jun 29 2010 by Alistair Barnett in News WordPress 

All Solostream premium WordPress themes now use the Custom Menu Management function that shipped with WordPress 3.0. If you don’t have the latest version of your theme, you can download the necessary files from the Members Area (you’ll have to log in to access the files for download). I also did a short screencast (below)…


How to Fix Your WordPress Site If It Gets Hacked (Part Three)

Posted on Jun 22 2010 by Alistair Barnett in Tutorials WordPress 

PART III: Plugins to Make Your Life Easier Below is a list of plugins that I have used to harden WordPress (and make my life easier). In no particular order, they are: WP Security Scan – Scans your WordPress installation for security vulnerabilities and suggests corrective actions. 1. passwords 2. file permissions 3. database security…

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