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The Benefits of WordPress Cloud Hosting

Posted on Jun 09 2016 by Marisa Tracie in Blog WordPress WordPress Hosting 

Many people have used WordPress to create their websites. It is a helpful tool that can transform any website into one of professional quality. WordPress is heavily relied upon by website builders. It is a standard program in the industry that lends its services to both beginners and experienced designers. But creating the look of…


Installing the Right WordPress Theme

Posted on Jun 08 2016 by Marisa Tracie in Advertising Blog WordPress 

Creating a website can seem like a daunting process. There are so many optiongs to consider and choices to make. Fortunately, there are many different website building tools that can facilitate the task. WordPress is one of the most commonly used tools for website design. IT is simple to learn and an effective way to…


7 SEO Strategies To Optimize Your Website For Visitors and Search Engines

Posted on Jun 07 2016 by Solostream in Blog WordPress 

When you think about what SEO strategies to use when optimizing your website. You need to think on two levels, the visitors to your website and the search engines, who will decide if your website has value to those visitors. Although Yahoo and Bing should not be dismissed as important search engines for being listed,…


WordPress is the Most Popular Web Platform

Posted on Jun 06 2016 by Solostream in Blog WordPress 

WordPress: Most popular website development platform When we think of the best and the most popular content management system, WordPress is the first name that comes to our mind. It is by far one of the most reliable CMS tool on the web that allows both the developers and novice users to develop a beautiful…


How to Control Revisions for your WordPress Posts

Posted on Jun 06 2016 by Marisa Tracie in Blog Business Development Software WordPress 

Revisions stored on WordPress can be a very handy tool if used properly, but can also be a space hog on your page and storage. Revisions can be used to compare previous versions and also highlights changes in documents. WordPress keeps a record of each saved draft or published update in a revisions category. This…


Best Web Designer Resources 2016 That Will Surprise You (Wow!)

Posted on May 27 2016 by Sarah R in Blog News Web design WordPress 

What are the best web designer resources 2016? Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran designer whose creative juices are overflowing, you still need resources to help finish your project in a satisfying manner. There are many web design resources online, but not all of them may be reliable in accomplishing a task, not mentioning…

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