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Website Designer – WordPress

Posted on Dec 21 2016 by SoloStream in Blog 

LOOKING FOR A WEBSITE DESIGNER? WE CAN HELP! The Creative Collective are highly experienced wordpress website designers, having created hundreds of websites on WordPress. Indeed we have one of the original Solostream designers on our team – who produces kick arse wordpress design on a daily basis, and understands the WordPress platform at a deep…


Main Reasons to use WordPress for your Blog

Posted on Dec 10 2016 by SoloStream in Blog Uncategorized 

Blog is now very useful and important for both company and personal blogger. Blog is like your online diary to make the world aware of your views and updates. As mentioned earlier blogs are of two types one is personal blog and another is company’s blog. Both are important for different reasons. Search engines love…


Benefits of WordPress Website

Posted on Dec 07 2016 by SoloStream in Blog 

  WordPress being popular blogging software from more than decade, it is also very much popular for websites other than blog site. As a content management system(CMS), anyone can built any types of website with wordpress. WordPress also introduce its Ecommerce platform as WooCommerce which is widely used to create Ecommerce sites with WordPress. There…


How to Create a WordPress Table of Contents for your Website

Posted on Dec 06 2016 by Katie Keith in Blog Plugins WordPress 

A WordPress table of contents is an index for your entire website. It automatically lists all the content on your website so that people can easily see what’s on your site and find what they’re looking for. Most so-called ‘table of contents’ WordPress plugins let you create tables of contents within individual posts. However they don’t…


Big Data Infographic

Posted on Dec 05 2016 by Solostream in Blog 

Forget the old saying; it’s now data which makes the world go round. With the continued evolution of technology, bytes have become one of the driving factors in seeing the world turn. It’s truly staggering just how much of an impact they have on the global community, with a mind-boggling 2.5 Quintillion bytes created on…


Facebook Instant Articles Plugin for WordPress

Posted on Dec 01 2016 by SoloStream in Blog 

  Facebook has declared that its Instant Articles program will be interested in distributers “of any size, anyplace on the planet” beginning on April 12, 2016. Also, with the free module we’re uncovering today, you’ll have the capacity to set up your self-facilitated or VIP WordPress for the requests of this new channel. Instant Articles…

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