How to Add eBay Listings to Your WordPress Site

Posted on Aug 12 2006 by in WordPress 

One of my clients, Hi-Way Campers, has started listing some of their RVs for sale on eBay. Naturally, I had to figure out a way to integrate it into their website, which is build on a WordPress platform. First I looked around for a WP plugin, but there none to be found. And there’s probably a really good reason there’s no plugin. It’s too easy for a plugin.

The secret is to use the eBay Editor Kit, which will produce some Javascript you can insert into your Worpdress template or post. Here’s the description of the Editor Kit from eBay:

The eBay Editor Kit (EK) is one of the most innovative and effective affiliate tools available. With the EK, affiliates can add relevant, real-time eBay listings to their Web sites in just seconds. Best of all, the EK produces click-through rates two times greater than traditional banners!

Whatever your Web site’s content or user demographic, eBay’s Editor Kit will dynamically list pertinent eBay auctions and listing details, including product information, gallery images, bidding prices, and ending times. Each specification is completely customizable. Also Liquidweb Hosting Black Friday/Cyber Monday

If I understand it correctly, the Editor Kit is designed to show context-based ads (like Adsense). However, there’s a way to add just your own listings the way I did with Hi-Way Campers. In each of the ebay listings, the URL of the company’s website was added to the item description. The Editor Kit allows you to enter search terms that dictate which ads to show on your site, so I simply used the company’s URL as the search term. You could do the same with your own listings; just enter some unique word in your eBay lisitings, and use that word as your search term when you set up the Editor Kit.

It’s really pretty easy. The Editor Kit also allows you to choose different sizes and formats for your ads. If you want to see how it looks integrated into a site, visit the Hi-Way Campers site, and look in the right hand sidebar.

Anybody else know of a simpler solution?

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