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Making It Premium With Solostream

Posted on Dec 09 2014 by Rob C. in Blog Blogs and Blogging Business Development premium responsive Wordpress themes Small Business Life 

Are you looking to kill two birds with one stone? Well, today just may be your lucky day because here are you can get our WordPress Themes Pack, regularly valued at over $200, included free of charge in a Domain Hosting Package. The Hosting package can be yours with little downpayment, starting as low…


WordPress and Paypal: It’s Easy!

Posted on Dec 09 2014 by Rob C. in Blog Blogs and Blogging News Reviews 

Have you seen the new blogging and posting interface in WordPress? It is an easier to use GUI that seems to be a growing trend these days. Just look around at many of the top sites on the internet and you may find that your user experience and graphical user interface has changed. If you…


Getting Your Blog On

Posted on Dec 09 2014 by Rob C. in Blog Business Development Freebies 

WordPress has been reintroducing some of its new interface options recently as I have done another round of domain purchases, which is one of my hobbies, and pastimes as a Blogger. Since I Blog pretty heavy, I always find myself running short on domains, cash, and themes, but so far have been able to get…


5 Ways To Be A Better Writer

Posted on Nov 12 2014 by Rob C. in Blog Blogs and Blogging Reviews 

Do you love writing and blogging? If so, are you interested in brushing up on your skills to be an even better writer? Not everyone can afford to put in the hard time of completing a 4-year degree in English, nor afford the steep tuition fees, so here are some alternative ways to increase your…


MAC or PC? Has the debate cooled?

Posted on Nov 10 2014 by Rob C. in Blog 

Remember when there was a raging debate over which operating system was better? Many fans of yore claimed the Windows platforms were much more stable and had better organization, while MAC users claimed that any writer, publisher, or graphic editor could not “function properly” without a MAC. Are today’s users as picky about Mac or…


Editing The DNS

Posted on Nov 03 2014 by Rob C. in Blog Product News 

What Is The DNS? The DNS is the Domain Name Server, and is the backbone that provides the data for your websites. When you want to have more than one website showcase your data, then you can get it to point to another website. This is also known as domain forwarding. You may have read…

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