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3 Ways to Engage users on Your Website

Posted on Nov 26 2015 by Kevinson Libama in Blogs and Blogging 

Do you want to run a successful blog? Then you should think of starting to engage users on your website. The more readers engage with the content by reading and sharing it, the more likely those readers are to come back and view more of your content. We all know that building a blog is…


Top 7 Reasons You Should Switch Your Business Site to WordPress

Posted on Nov 15 2015 by Kevinson Libama in Blog Blogs and Blogging Business Development Great Wordpress Themes 

WordPress is considered a top CMS (content management system) in the world today because of the many advantages it comes with. Once regarded as a platform exclusively for bloggers, WordPress has since evolved to accommodate the non-blogging community. The reason for its popularity can also be attributed to its many themes that are packed with…


How to Increase Blog Comments on Your WordPress Blog

Posted on Nov 12 2015 by Kevinson Libama in Blogs and Blogging 

Creating an attractive website with informative content is not enough anymore. Engaging your visitors and creating an online community is another way of marketing your site. Fortunately, almost every WordPress theme allows users to comment. Getting feedback through comments on your blog posts goes a long way in boosting your image. This is because it…


Tested Tips to Help You Stop Pingback and Trackback Spam

Posted on Nov 06 2015 by Kevinson Libama in Blogs and Blogging 

After setting up your website, you publish a couple of posts and before doing any promotions or even after, you log in to the dashboard and bump into comments that do not seem to connect with the blog posts in any way. These are certainly spam comments which are either pingback or trackback. In this…


Social Sharing Buttons For Your WordPress blog

Posted on Aug 27 2015 by Tatiana Nechaeva in Blogs and Blogging 

Social sharing buttons are the must for a blog nowadays. There are multiple plugins for WordPress sites that allow you to easily add various follow and share buttons to your posts. Here are the five most popular plugins, that are very flexible and customizable. Choose one for your WordPress blog. 1. AddThis Sharing buttons. This…


WordPress and Website Posting

Posted on Feb 12 2015 by Marisa Tracie in Blogs and Blogging Uncategorized 

Websites are a vital tool for anyone involved in the world of modern communication. If you are a professional, or have a business, a website can help advertise and inform new customers about your company. It can also be a platform for you to share your expertise through blogs and posts. But to use the…

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