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The Most Common WordPress Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Posted on Apr 10 2014 by C. in Blog 

Not Updating WordPress and WordPress Plugins There are several reasons that updates are an important part of maintaining a WordPress site, including security and browser compatibility. This is true of both WordPress itself and the plugins that you install. The majority of the updates to WordPress are related to security fixes. After the WordPress team…


Finding the Best WordPress Plugins for Your Site

Posted on Apr 10 2014 by C. in Blog 

WordPress is a popular blogging platform that is used by millions of users. A part of this popularity is due to the ability of WordPress users to choose plugins that add features to their website. There are thousands of different plugins to choose from, providing a large variety of benefits. While these plugins can be…


How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Posted on Apr 08 2014 by C. in Blog 

WordPress certainly provides a large assortment of features, plugins, and options that allow you to create a unique website. While all of this customization can be a good thing, you run the risk of having a slow loading website. The longer it takes for your WordPress website to load, the more likely your visitors will…


The Importance of Selecting the Right WordPress Theme

Posted on Apr 06 2014 by C. in Blog 

Over the years, the number of websites built with WordPress has continued to grow. While using WordPress allows you to easily create a website, there are thousands of different themes to select from. Before you get too far involved in the creation of your website, take a moment to learn more about the importance of…


Introducing Our Newest Theme: WP-Boundless

Posted on Mar 28 2014 by Alistair Barnett in Blog 

We’re pretty excited about WP-Boundless. It was developed with the direct input of Solostream’s customers. The best ideas that have been incorporated are the feedback that you have suggested to us. Here are some of the new features that make this a unique theme: One-click Color Schemer – This tool enables you to select the…



Posted on Mar 27 2014 by Alistair Barnett in Themes 

Responsive Design Framework (Mobile Ready) – Adjusts to Size of Device Theme Settings Page for Super-Simple Customization. One-Click Color Schemer – Forget color skins. You are able to select ANY color to use as your site’s color scheme. Advanced Site Styling – Easily change the font families, colors, sizes, and/or weight for widget titles, subscribe…

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