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The Best WordPress Plugins for Editing User Roles

Posted on Jun 23 2014 by SoloStream in Blog 

There are various reasons for wanting to edit the default user roles for your WordPress site.  WordPress includes five different user roles, which will work well for most sites; though, there may come a time when you want to give a specific user a new permission without changing their role.  One example is having multiple…


Dealing with Comments on your WordPress Website

Posted on Jun 22 2014 by SoloStream in Blog 

If you operate a WordPress website and allow users to comment on your articles, then you should be aware that there are many different ways to deal with these comments.  There are WordPress plugins that can filter spam, other plugins that alter the appearance of your comment section, and even ways to require users to…


Combining Social Media and WordPress to Gain More Traffic

Posted on Jun 21 2014 by SoloStream in Blog 

Social media and websites go hand in hand, whether you are attempting to gain more visitors to your WordPress site or simply want to allow your visitors to easily share articles to their favorite social media profiles.  Integrating the use of social media with your WordPress site has become a necessity and is easier than…


Why Businesses Should Consider WordPress for a Content Management System

Posted on Jun 21 2014 by SoloStream in Blog 

More than just a method of creating a website, a content management system can also be used to manage workflow.   A content management system can be an integral part of a small business.  Having a way to easily allow employees to collaborate, track inventory, and share information is why many businesses try to find…


Top WordPress Plugins for Business

Posted on Jun 19 2014 by SoloStream in Blog 

For quite some time now, WordPress has been just as useful for businesses as it has been in the past for bloggers.  More businesses are turning to WordPress as an affordable way to deliver both a content management system and a platform for the creation of a website.  If you run a small business and…


Getting Familiar With WordPress

Posted on Jun 18 2014 by C. in Blog 

One of the great features of WordPress is the ability to easily switch to a different WordPress theme.  Whether you are just now creating your website or want to give your site a new look, there are thousands of quality themes available for your website.  Even though there are a lot of great WordPress themes,…

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