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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for WordPress

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1. Write keyword rich post titles – it almost goes without saying, but the post title is the most important part of the blog post for many reasons. From your reader’s perspective, a descriptive and compelling title helps them decide if your post is worth reading or not. From an SEO perspective, think about the keywords or phrases people might type into a search box to find your post 2 months from now, and use those words or phrases in your post title. For maximum benefit, try to avoid titles that are cute, clever or cryptic.

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Create a Video Blog Without a Blog

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Using and Feedster, Derek provides a neat little trick for creating a video blog without actually having a blog.

“That gave me the idea, I don’t really need a blog, I just need an RSS feed. does that. Which is even better, cause I don’t have to deal with the files. When I find an interesting video I can just tag the video url with and I’m done. Feedster looks at’ RSS feed, finds the video, puts it in the proper enclosure so it shows up in iTunes. No posting, no uploading, no cost.

To use your own video you just need to add a place to store the video file into that mix. is one of many sites that will host your content for free. Just upload your video then tag the file’s url with”

The Best PDF Converter I’ve Been Able to Find

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When I created my Podsnapper Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting, I looked high and low for the perfect PDF Converter. Much to my surprise, I discovered and tried a bunch of ‘em; like maybe 20. Ultimately, I settled on a program called deskPDF Professional (link below). Continue Reading

How to Combine Bluetooth With Skype (VoIP) for Wireless Skype Calls

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As I’ve mentioned before, I really enjoy using Skype, the popular VoIP application that allows you to make free phone calls anywhere in the world using your computer. One drawback to using Skype – as well as any other VoIP application – is that you’re chained to your computer via your headset. And who hasn’t wanted to get up and go to the bathroom or refill your coffee cup during one of those longer conversations with your friend from Malaysia? Yes, you can ask the other party to wait as you remove your headset and go do your thing, but sometimes that’s just not practical. So, I searched high and low for a sinple and inexpensive solution that would allow me to use Skype without my mobility being limited by the length of the cord on my headset.

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