How to Set Up Your WordPress Gravatar Image

Commenting on other blogs is great. It helps drive traffic back to your site. However, when commenting, you may end up seeing other guys have a WordPress Gravatar image as their profile while yours only shows a default, generic and dull image. Letting your image show up online is cool and has been proved to increase trust.

Would you like to display your own image in the comments you leave on other blogs? Would you like your image to show up whenever you respond to any comment on your own blog? Well, the answer to these questions is to create your own Gravatar. (more…)

3 Ways to Engage users on Your Website

Do you want to run a successful blog? Then you should think of starting to engage users on your website. The more readers engage with the content by reading and sharing it, the more likely those readers are to come back and view more of your content.

We all know that building a blog is easy. But constructing a huge following and great user engagement in a word press site is no walk in the park. It requires efforts, patience and time to engage users on your website.

Fortunately, I have some sure-fire tips and nice work you can start engaging visitors in your site. I am going to share 3 tactics which will surely help you to engage users on your website. (more…)

How to Create Recurring Revenue from Your WordPress Site

Recurring revenue is the latest craze as the guru himself, Dean Patino will tell you. Both online and offline with all the big whales taking the lead from Google and Amazon  to Netflix and Minibar. You could do the same for your WordPress business as well.

Many times people go into business because they are passionate about something and they wouldn’t mind earning a dollar or twenty from it. Every business has a slow season and this can really take its toll on a business and especially if there are employees that need to be paid.

A WordPress design or development business can be a little tricky and most people think that getting more clients would make their lives better. This is not really a solution because one, more clients means more work. (more…)

Buying WordPress Themes: Which Vendors Should You Go To?

After setting up your website, the next step is to install a responsive and customizable WordPress theme. Consider premium themes, built and developed by professionals offering unparalleled support, upgraded features and overall are of higher quality than free themes.

WP-Creative premium WordPress theme

A premium theme helps you stand out from competitors in your niche giving some extra boost on visibility. In this post we discuss in detail what you need to know when buying WordPress themes. It’s important to determine which theme is good for your business and some extra bonuses which are essential to visibility online. (more…)

Top 7 Reasons You Should Switch Your Business Site to WordPress

WordPress is considered a top CMS (content management system) in the world today because of the many advantages it comes with. Once regarded as a platform exclusively for bloggers, WordPress has since evolved to accommodate the non-blogging community.

The reason for its popularity can also be attributed to its many themes that are packed with features and functionalities that add to its appeal. Other reasons why it boasts millions of subscribers include: (more…)

Adding a Frequently Asked Questions Section to Your WordPress Site

There might come a time when you will require adding a frequently Asked Questions or FAQs category on WordPress to answer questions that your customers ask all the time. This not only saves you time that would go into answering each individual question but it is also convenient for the customers. As such, you will need to make it count by doing a thorough job in coming up with the right questions and answers. (more…)

How to Increase Blog Comments on Your WordPress Blog

Creating an attractive website with informative content is not enough anymore. Engaging your visitors and creating an online community is another way of marketing your site. Fortunately, almost every WordPress theme allows users to comment.


Getting feedback through comments on your blog posts goes a long way in boosting your image. This is because it encourages more people to visit and engage with you. It also helps you rate your blogs popularity in order to adjust accordingly. So how do you increase blog comments? (more…)

Add WhatsApp to Your WordPress Site and Double Your Traffic

WhatsApp is the largest and most popular messaging up with over 600 million users globally. That is a wide readership and can highly be beneficial to your business, so why add WhatsApp to your WordPress site? To start with, Google can penalize sites that are not mobile friendly. We delve into this article to discuss how integrating WhatsApp on WordPress can greatly affect your rankings. (more…)

7 Best WordPress Plugins for Business Websites

Plugins help you maximize the potential of your website and thus attracting more visitors. For this reason, developers have been pushing the envelope to come up with the best WordPress plugins that help you perform different tasks on your site.

best wordpress plugins

To get the most out of these plugins, taking the time to find out which plugins work best for you is requisite. This is important because you don’t want to overload your site with many of them as they will grind it to a halt. (more…)

Tested Tips to Help You Stop Pingback and Trackback Spam

After setting up your website, you publish a couple of posts and before doing any promotions or even after, you log in to the dashboard and bump into comments that do not seem to connect with the blog posts in any way. These are certainly spam comments which are either pingback or trackback. In this post, we’ll look at how you can stop pingback and trackback spam from your website. (more…)